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Through psychic readings, and studying the work of others, I’ve come to understand that we truly are spirits with a temporary body, surrounded by a vast spiritual world of quantum energy. To most people, that spirit world is invisible, because it’s on a higher vibrational frequency than our solid world here. Your FM radio may not tune in AM stations, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Meditation can help raise our vibration and bring us in closer contact with the heavenly world that is out there.

Psychic Experiences

My early psychic experiences made me confident that there is life after death and more out there than we can usually see. During a yearlong clairvoyant program, I learned a great deal about spirits and the spiritual world, psychically seeing and communicating with many spirits myself.
Once my wife, Mary, started meditating with me, we found that she was a natural at psychic medium work. She is now close to completing the same advanced clairvoyant program that I took.

Science and Heaven

My science and heaven article may briefly answer some of your deep spiritual questions, like:  Is there life after death? What is heaven or the spirit world like? Can our deceased loved ones hear us? Is there a hell? Does everyone go to heaven? Do we reincarnate?

Reincarnation and Past Lives

In performing clairvoyant readings, I’ve seen many of my own and other people’s past lives. So, in answer to the above question, the answer is yes people do reincarnate many times, in learning the lessons on their spiritual path. If you don’t yet believe in reincarnation, be sure to check out the Fox News video. By reviewing past lives, it’s possible to release old issues that are troubling someone in this life, like seemingly irrational phobias. Looking at these lives may also provide insight into what lessons you’re working on now.

Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Totem Animals

Guardian angels, totem animals and spirit guides are an important part of the spirit world that surrounds us. They are with us, and have been helping throughout our lives, even though we’re not usually aware of them. Mary and I consult with them often, and ask for their help in healing ourselves and others. They are eager to help, realizing that life on earth is full of hard lessons.

Changing Priorities

Many of us spend too much of our time and energy on material pursuits, not leaving enough time for the important things, like friends, family and enjoying life. This article has some suggestions for improving life by resetting our priorities.

Managing or Letting Go of Anger

Anger gets in the way of many good relationships, and it causes a great deal of stress. This article includes suggestions for letting go of anger, along with a meditation that well help you run your anger and release it in a constructive way.

Grieving the Loss of a Parent

Both my wife and I have lost our fathers to Cancer. This article shares some of our experiences as well as sharing some of what your loved ones may experience as they cross over. It is reassuring to know that they are warmly greeted and are in a wonderful place.

Transcendental or Spiritual Experiences

There are magical moments when the spirit world sends us a sign to let us know there is much more out there than most of us experience in our daily lives through our five primary senses. In this article Curt suggests that we watch for these special moments.

Manifesting Through the Law of Attraction

By focusing on positive things, we bring more of them into our lives. This article gives easy steps to do just that.

Trusting Psychic Information

We’ve all had psychic experiences, however many of us may ignore them or write them off as coincidence. This article suggests that you should consider learning to trust your psychic abilities as a valuable source of information.

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