Presentations and Speeches on Meditation, Nature, and Networking

Like I mention in my book, Simple Meditation, connections are key to a fulfilling life: connecting with nature, with other people, and connecting with that inner, spiritual part of ourselves. The topics of my talks are related to these three types of connections. As an avid photographer, I include vivid nature images in many of my presentations.

I became a public speaker to promote my book, but I soon discovered public speaking is a wonderful way to connect with an audience and deliver an important message. This realization motivated me to plunge into Toastmasters, working my way up to club president then area governor, delivering many speeches along the way. I’ve also worked with my wife Mary, a talented public speaker (see below), on meditation workshops, book talks and other speaking events. To encourage others to connect with people, deliver an important message, and improve their public speaking, I wrote an article on Eight Simple Steps to Improve Your Public Speaking and another on Toastmasters and Public Speaking.

In the process of promoting meditation and my book, I built websites, studied design, social media marketing and more methods for getting my message out. This led to Shuksan Web, my web design and internet marketing business, which now helps others to build their networks and get their message out.

Some of Curt’s Speaking Topics

  • Tools for Transformation- In this talk, you’ll discover three keys for a happy fulfilling life: meditation, connecting with nature, and connecting with that inner spiritual part of you that is already calm, content, and wise.
  • Meditation: Much More than Just Relaxation- Most health issues are stress related. Meditation is a wonderful way to reduce stress, but it can also accomplish much more. You can target specific health issues, improve relationships, and access intuition or psychic abilities.
  • Zen of Nature Photography- Spending time in nature, keenly aware of your environment, can give you a new perspective on life. Get caught up stunningly beautiful scene or details flower or  bug. With a camera in hand, likely pay more attention to details capture image, so you & others can experience it again and again.
  • Spectacular Northwest Washington- Northwest Washington holds incredible scenery, from islands and beaches to jagged mountaintops. In this presentation, Curt will share some highlights accompanied by slides of the most beautiful places.
  • Connecting with Clients through Social Media and Internet Marketing- Each year, our society becomes more technology driven. People spend an increasing amount of time on the computers, smartphones, and tablets. If you want to reach these people, you need a strong internet presence. Learn the steps you need to take, to reach people through a well-designed website, SEO, and social media marketing.

Past Speaking Clients and Events

  • Unity Church of Bellingham- Delivered Sunday service messages (sermon) and held a meditation workshop
  • Local Kiwanis Clubs- Keynote speaker for Bellingham, LaConner, Anacortes and Burlington clubs
  • Simply Spirit Reading and Healing Center- Keynote speaker for a meditation workshop
  • Toastmasters- Joined in 2009, and have performed many speeches, led meetings, organized and led training events, and have both competed in and organized/led speech contests
  • Center for Spiritual Living- Guest speaker at mind, body, spirit fairs
  • Institute of Noetic Science- Keynote speaker at events for Bellingham and Issaquah chapters
  • Book Events- Performed book talks at Village Books, Valley Books, Third Place Books

Contacting Curt

If you’d like to discuss your speaking needs, call (360 738-3696) or email Curt with the information on his contact page.

Humorous Speech for a Toastmaster Contest

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