Connect With Nature

Are you looking for deeper meaning in life?  Less stress?  More happiness?  Maybe more of a spiritual connection? Or greater purpose? Meditation can help you with all of these things. This web site is a great place to get started, or to learn a variety of new and powerful meditation techniques. Since childhood, I’ve meditated regularly. Most of that time, I just didn’t realize that’s what I was doing when I sat calmly in nature, listening to the wind blow through the trees or listen to the gurgling of a creek. Venturing out to connect with nature, is an easy and wonderful way to meditate. Your meditations can be even more beneficial if you combine tuning into nature with some more advanced exercises.

Simple Breath Meditation

Breath, as an object of meditation, is one of the easiest and most common forms of meditation in the world. Buddhists and others have used breathing as a focus of meditation for at least 2500 years. This simple exercise is another great way to get started meditating, and it doesn’t matter if the weather is cold or raining.

Tree Meditation

Quantum physicists have concluded that nature, like everything else, is made of energy. They also learned that our thoughts affect that energy. As a clairvoyant, I’ve learned that with our thoughts, we can do much to move or control that energy. For example, the “connect with nature” link above has a visualization exercise that allows you to move nature’s energy through you to release blocks to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. My tree meditation article includes a variation on that exercise, but I suggest reading “connect with nature” first.

Grounding and Running Your Energies

You can also move quantum energy without the tree, by using a grounding meditation and running your energies. Practicing these two exercises daily can have an amazing impact on your life, improving your outlook, health and increasing psychic abilities. I use these two exercises as a warm-up for any other meditations.

Basic Energy Healing

A modified version of the running your energies exercise works as a form of energy healing, helping others release blocks to their health and emotional well being. For more information on energy healing, please see my meditation articles.

Body of Light Visualization Meditation

This visualization meditation will help you experience your spiritual state. It will also help shed negative energy and raise your vibration level. Not only that, but the visualization is relaxing, like a day at the beach.

Love (Heart Chakra) Meditation

This love meditation helps develop compassion and improve your relationships with others. It also sends out positive energy to other people. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone did this.

Flying Visualization Meditation

You can fly! At least you can when you’re not tied to that cumbersome thing we call a body. This visualization meditation is a wonderful way to see the local countryside. With practice, it can lead to more advanced out-of-body trips.

Meditation for Returning Soldiers

Some of the meditations I create, or receive, are for specialized purposes, like ones for soldiers dealing with the stress of injuries or trauma from war. I wrote this article on meditation for returning soldiers, hoping to help those with post-traumatic stress disorder or other related symptoms. The symptoms don’t have to be related to war.

Managing or Letting Go of Anger

Anger causes all sorts of health problems, damage to relationships, and difficulty thinking, leading to terrible decisions like the kind we read about in the news. These simple tips and meditation exercise can help with managing and letting go of anger.

Fall Colors Visualization Meditation

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and with the changing of seasons comes the changing of the landscape. You can embrace the beautiful colors of Fall by using this meditation as a way to connect with the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Easy Meditation Techniques

If you’re new to meditation, or just appreciate simplistic techniques for doing things, then this article may be of interest to you. It provides a brief background on why meditation is so useful, and describes a number of ways that you can go about meditating in an effortless way., Inc

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