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Flying Visualization Meditation

Pretending to Fly Can Be a Good Thing

by Curt Remington


You Can Fly!

Soaring Bald Eagle

Soar Like an Eagle

Have you ever wished that you could fly? Well, you can! Your spirit has known how to fly all along, and it probably does so at night, while you’re asleep. Have you ever had a vivid dream of flying, or you suddenly jerked awake from a dream of falling. You were probably having an out-of-body experience. If only we could remember all the exciting adventures our spirit has had. I believe that we will, once we permanently leave our current body behind. Until then, you can use this visualization meditation to spend some time away from your body, experiencing a wonderful spiritual state.

As a nature lover, I use this technique to fly to the mountains. You might decide to soar amongst clouds, skim cornfields or slalom through skyscrapers.

Flying Visualization Exercise

I recommend that you sit in a comfortable chair, in a quiet room. Laying down may sound appealing, but you risk falling asleep. If it works better for you, than go ahead. Once your situated, close your eyes, and take a few deep clearing breaths, releasing any tension as you exhale. Grounding and running your energies will help clear your energy system and get you into a meditative state. A simple breath meditation, or relaxation exercise may be all you need to warm up.At this point, I’ll share my own experiences. Please experiment and modify the technique to find what works for you, based on your own preferences and location.

Mt Baker, Washington

Top of Mt Baker in North Cascades, WA

Once in a meditative state, I visualize myself floating up out of my body and out through the window, which doesn’t have to be open. Stretching my spiritual arms to soar, I take a short flight over houses and treetops to Lake Whatcom, just a block away. From there, I’ll swoop down to the lake and fly low, skimming its surface. On a sunny day, I’ll feel warmth on my back and the cool of the lake below. At night, the surface sparkles and shimmers with moonlight. Reaching the end of the lake, I’ll ascend up over tree covered foothills, and quickly reaching snow-covered Mt Baker. Hovering over Coleman Glacier, I’ll drop into a crevasse and experience its cold silence, seeing the blue world of ice and snow as clearly as possible. From there, I soar home at cloud level, descend into my house and bring my consciousness back into my body. Then, I’ll either stretch and get up, or continue on to another meditation.

You undoubtedly have some interesting sights within a short flight from your house. If not, feel free to take a longer one. I’ve even used this technique to visit the moon. From the air, even a small town’s lights at night are a beautiful sight.

I’d love to hear of your exciting experiences with this. Please post them below. Thanks, Curt