A Glimpse Into Heaven

by Curt and Mary Remington

What is heaven like? Where do our loved ones go? Many of us have pondered these questions at some time in our life. My wife and I have learned a great deal about the spirit world, through clairvoyant readings, books we’ve read and through trips to the Akashic Records, the main library in heaven. You read that right, there is an enormous library in heaven that holds records of everyone that has ever lived, every thought, word or action. The famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, got most of his information from the Akashic Records, and many modern clairvoyants access the records regularly.

My wife Mary planned to do some psychic reading and to make a trip to the Akashic Records. She generously asked if I had a question for her to read. After meditating on it, the question, “what is heaven like?” popped into my head. I don’t believe that was a random thought, but rather a well-planned question suggested by an advanced spirit. Angels and advanced spirits would like those of us on earth to become more aware of the spirit world, to help us let go of our fears and to shift our priorities in a more positive direction. These advanced spirits also knew that Mary and I would share this information with you, so Mary was provided with a wonderful tour.

For more information on similar experiences, I’d suggest any of Dr Michael Newton’s books. Through his hypnotherapy techniques, Dr Newton’s helped over 7000 people experience heaven and change their life with what they learned. You can find two of his books on my online store Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.You can also find more information in my Science and Heaven article.

Heavenly Sunset Over the San Juan Islands

Heavenly Sunset Over the San Juan Islands

The following is Mary’s description of her trip:
After reaching a deep state of meditation or trance, my out-of-body trip began. I reached the library which looks like an ancient Greek, marble building with columns in the front and a massive entry. Inside, bookshelves line the aisle and extend a vast distance, to the end. There are offshoot aisles, leading to different rooms. Floating quickly, to the far end of the building, I found a rounded glass atrium filled with exotic trees, plants, flowers, ponds, etc.  I also saw other spirit in the library, doing their own research.  They appeared as lights or energy. I could sense them, and they could sense me. There seemed to be a curiosity about one another. Inside the atrium area, I sat down in front of a small pond to take in the tranquil beauty. Then, I asked my question.  “What is heaven like?”

A beautiful angel with translucent white wings came and offered to escort me on a tour. We entered a place that was very bright, warm and comforting. I couldn’t see much because it was so bright, but other spirits surrounded me and I felt safe and loved. It felt somehow familiar. I then went on to see such things as a sailboat out on the ocean , a canyon, deep and massive like the Grand Canyon, rushing rivers and fields of wild flowers.  Wherever we went, I got a real sense of freedom, peace and love.  There was no judgment, no anger and no resentment, just harmony. It was a place where we all could just be.

Wherever we went, we went quickly, with no effort. We soared through the clouds, overlooking a castle surrounded by wild horses running free and beautiful tropical gardens. I saw giraffes, zebras and spotted leopards. We then flew into space, surrounded by infinite galaxies, stars and planets. From space, I suddenly began to see glimpses of the lives of loved ones back home, like watching them on a TV screen. I got the sense that we really do stay connected to those we left behind after we pass.

Next, the angel showed me some of the things we do while we are in heaven. Students and teachers gathered in a large courtyard with tables and benches. This place of learning seemed similar to school on earth.  I also saw a large auditorium, filled with small individual viewing screens, where many spirits were gathered. One could preview the potential lives they would reincarnate to on the viewing screens.  It seemed that spirits were working together on this, as if they may take a life together or to help one another choose lives where they could work on lessons they may still need to learn.

We also visited a place with pods (large spherical bubbles) that serve as a home base for different soul groups to gather. I asked to be brought to my pod, and when I arrived, I sensed the essence of many people I’ve known in my life.  It felt like I belonged there. I had a strong desire to stay, but of course, this was just a tour, and that was not possible.

The last image I saw was that of an enormous, glowing source of energy, similar to the sun.  I saw a steady stream of spirits, one row on each side, entering the underside of this source of energy and then coming out the top on each side. The source seemed like God, or at least a part of God. I was told that they were getting cleansed, renewed. Impure thoughts were being released, to be replaced with pure love. It was an amazing sight. Describing this trip can’t begin to explain how it felt to be there, witnessing it. What I will say is this, Heaven is vast with no borders that can define it.  It goes beyond what the imagination can comprehend and it certainly is a place I look forward to returning to.

4 thoughts on “What is Heaven Like?

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    Well spoken. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to view things from a different view. I definitely want research more on this as it seems very interesting. One thing that is unclear to me though is how everything is related together.

  2. AMariah

    Thank you for that fascinating article. It’s surprising to think that things are not as different as I might have thought they’d be. It also makes me wonder why acting purely out of love seems so hard for us to do here and now. Thanks for all your great articles.

  3. Emerson Martlage

    We really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing it with us. We were struck by the phrase “Wherever we went, I got a real sense of freedom, peace and love. There was no judgment, no anger and no resentment, just harmony. It was a place where we all could just be.” It took us back to the magical architecture of Antoni Gaudì in Barcelona. He designed a church there that is taken from natural forces of nature with caternary arches. Everything is in perfect “harmony.” as you described. He was an incredible human surely sent here to show us a unique pathway back to peace/heaven. We used his church design as a metaphor to rebuild our relationship as partners in “harmony.” You may find similar inspiration in his Colonia Güell Chapel. Attached is a link to a story/song/art we created some 10 years ago in honor of the glimpse of heaven that he offered us through his work. We call it “In Thin Air.” Perhaps it can provide a spark of imagination to add to your beautiful description.


  4. Beverly

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Many years ago, I saw a psychic who told me many things. One of the people who spoke to me through her was my father-in-law. He described how excited he was and that he was busy learning many things at great institutes of learning. The architecture he described to me through her sounds much like what you described. He was most excited, however, to tell me that he had met John Wayne. Imagine that…

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