Reincarnation and Past Lives


Reincarnation and Learning From Past Lives

by Curt Remington

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Do we have past lives?

ReincarnationPastLives_clip_image002In performing psychic readings, I’ve viewed past lives from the caveman era, ancient civilizations, medievel Europe to 1970’s Boston. Looking at these lives has made it clear to me that we reincarnate countless times, working on many lessons. What would the alternative be? If we had only one life, we might spend it rich or poor, healthy or crippled, happy or miserable. Talk about the luck of the draw. With an eternity ahead of us, it makes far more sense that we’d experience and learn from all of these conditions. It also seems logical that we’d get lots of chances to “get it right.”

Last Saturday, there were hundreds of other people in Seattle that also believe in reincarnation. We all attended a fascinating past life regression workshop with Dr Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist, author and specialist in hypnotherapy. After the first group hypnosis exercise, 2/3 of the audience raised their hand to indicate they’d seen images from a previous lifetime. Along with more great exercises, Dr Weiss shared stories of people who’ve recalled visions of a prior life, then visited a place and found the details were just as they had seen them.

My clairvoyant training provided plenty of validating experiences. We looked at many lives for ourselves and each other. Occasionally, someone would give me specifics of a life that I had already seen for myself, with far too much detail to be coincidence. I’ve also seen boats or clothing, then gone to the internet and found that people really dressed like that in Morocco or used boats like that in Egypt around 2000 BC.

What can we learn from our past lives?

As a psychotherapist, Brian Weiss uses past-life regression to help people release health or emotional problems that are troubling them in this life. For instance, someone with severe claustrophobia may see themself buried alive in a tomb in ancient Egypt. Once they recognize where their fear originated, they can then quit worrying in this life.

For me, seeing many past lives, and how they fit together, has given me insight into the lessons I’m working on and why. At the workshop, I saw myself in buckskins with a muzzle loader, making my way home through woods, roughly 250 years ago. I came to my cabin and found my family killed by Indians. Full of anger and hate, I went too far in seeking revenge. Eventually, I found myself outnumbered and died from many arrows. In reviewing this life, I saw there were better alternatives. With less hate and anger, I might have done less violence and lived a longer life. With time and the support of friends living nearby, my grief would have lessened and I could have still found some happiness in that life.

In my next life, I was reincarnated as an indian and eventually became chief, seeing firsthand how terribly Indians were treated, lied to and forced onto poor reservations. I fought some in that life too, but soon realized the impossible odds. As chief, I worked on peace and on doing what I could for the tribe. Yes, I do believe in karma and that we learn from tough lessons.

Looking at these lives drove home messages about peace and about prejudice. We all are really one people, learning together, taking turns to experience different races and religions. If we could remember that, while we’re here, there would be a lot less fighting. By hating a group of people, you’re likely to come back as part of that group, in order to experience their point of view.

Learning the lessons you’re here to learn now will make your future lives easier and happier. If you don’t learn the lesson in this life, you may have to keep repeating it. My warrior lessons go back through many lifetimes. Apparently, I’m a slow learner, at least when it comes to being peaceful. You may have completely different lessons, like ones about generosity, bravery, compassion, love or countless others. The Michael Teachings website holds a wealth of information about life lessons and our spiritual progress through many lives. It also goes into soul age and characteristics that you carry with you from one lifetime to the next.

Have you already felt the effects of ancient memories?

Roman Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Roman Colosseum, Rome, Italy

You may already have subtle memories of earlier lifetimes. Are you especially drawn to mountains, oceans or desserts? You may have had a wonderful life near one of these. Maybe you’ve taken a trip and felt deja vu or a special connection with that place. I sure felt that visiting ancient Roman ruins.

You may even have felt an instant connection with certain people in your life. I truly felt love at first sight, when I met my wife. I have since found that we’ve been married in many lifetimes, going back thousands of years. We’ve also played other roles in each others lives, such as good friends, siblings, parents and children. You’ve undoubtedly spent many lifetimes with some of the key people in your life too.Along with sharing many lifetimes with key people, we may also spend our time in the spirit world with them, between lives and after we quit reincarnating. Like I mention in my “Science and Heaven” article, Dr Michael Newton does similar work to Dr Brian Weiss, but he focuses on our time between lives.

How can we remember our past lives?

Some people easily remember a past life, while others may find it a struggle. At the workshop, many people saw glimpses of a life immediately, during the group hypnosis. For others, it takes a lot of practice, especially for those of us that like to analyze everything. I’ve, at times, had the same problem, in performing psychic readings. It’s important to let images and information flow. Save the analyzing for later.

I included a meditation exercise for you to try. I also highly recommend Brian Weiss’s CDs, which you can find at Hay House or at Amazon. Seeing images on your own is a great way to experience your past, although it can take a good deal of meditation and practice. If you’re impatient or are having difficulty, a good psychic can tap into your past lives and give you key information. My wife and I have looked at past lives for a variety of people. I forgot to mention it on my psychic readings page, but there is general information on readings.

Past Life Meditation

Every time I sit down to meditate, I start bygrounding and running my energies. These two meditation exercises will help you relax and clear out other thoughts and interfering energies. Using these exercises every day will eventually make everything else easier, like staying calm, being nice, becoming psychic and lots of other wonderful stuff.
Anyway, once you’re in a calm, clear meditative state, with your eyes closed, have the intention of tuning into a past life. You can even specify a time period or a particular type of life, like a life with someone you’re close to or a life that you were rich, brave, poor or whatever. With that intention, wait and see what comes up. Maybe you’ll get a sense of something, like feeling great space and dry dessert air around you. Images might start taking shape, like woods or an ancient city, possibly a snowy tundra. Relax and try to explore. A good first step is to look down at your shoes or bare feet. They may give you a good clue as to the era. Can you see what else you’re wearing? Is someone with you? Do you sense that you also know them in this life? If all you’re seeing is the back of your eyelids, relax and enjoy your calm meditative state. This may take practice.
If you are getting good pictures, try moving forward in time and see what happens. What lessons did you learn in this life? If you feel up to it, you can even move to the end of that life. There can be important messages in how our lives ended and in any life review we may have done. Once you come out of your meditative state, more questions may come up, like how the lessons in that life may pertain to the life you are in now. Did you have a trauma in that life, that is causing you trouble in this life? Take the time to look at these, and try this technique again later. The more that you do it, the easier it will get.

Science and Heaven


Our Spiritual Path: Science & Heaven

by Curt Remington

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

ScienceHeaven_clip_image002Psychic and spiritual experiences are hard for many people to accept. Science, and our perception of reality, has been based on solid matter, made of atoms and molecules. We believe in what we can see, even though visible light is only a narrow band of the many types of energy around us.
Quantum physicists have discovered that solid matter, molecules and atoms, actually consists of much smaller particles (quarks, leptons, etc.), and that these particles are a form of energy. Not only is matter actually made of energy, but this energy/matter fills all the empty space around us. According to the Fermilab’s (part of US Department of Energy) website, astronomer’s have studied how galaxies spin and have calculated that “ordinary matter containing atoms makes up only four percent of the energy-matter content of the universe.” The rest of it is made up of other forms of energy-matter that we still know little about.

Scientists do know that this matter can behave in strange ways. Subatomic particles can be in more than one place at a time. They react to thought, acting like an energy wave most the time and like a particle when observed. In other words, the fact that someone is observing them causes a change in their structure. They seem to communicate instantaneously and are linked on some level beyond space and time. In our four-dimensional world, that would make no sense, but quantum physicists now believe there may be up to 11 dimensions, which they still know little about. Many people are still clinging to a viewpoint based on old science, consisting of a world made of solid matter with lots of empty space in between.

This old perception isn’t working. It can’t explain quantum mechanics, thousand of near-death and out-of-body experiences, miraculous healings, past life regressions, telepathy, mediums and countless other phenomena that people experience. These experiences are explained by a vast field of this mysterious energy that surrounds and connects us all. Heaven (the spirit world) is also made of this energy, on a higher vibrational energy frequency than our physical world.

Although current science can’t accurately describe heaven (the spirit world), there are other sources that can and that describe heaven very similarly, providing validation for each other. These include near-death experiencesout-of-body experiences,spiritual regressions and the work of psychics and mediums. My own experiences, communicating with spirits, talking to other psychics and my out-of-body experiences confirm a heaven very much as described in Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. He is a psychologist and hypnotherapist that developed a technique for allowing people to vividly remember their experiences in heaven between lives and before their current life. Yes, you had a soul before you were born and you’ve probably reincarnated many times. Using this spiritual regression technique with over 7000 clients, he has learned a great deal about heaven and our purpose here.

Michael Newton

As I mentioned earlier, much of Dr. Michael Newton’s work has been studying our Life Between Lives, which is also the name of his most recent book. Another specialist in hypnotherapy, Dr Brian Weiss has done similar work, focusing more on our lives here on Earth, rather than our time between lives. He has used past-life regression to help many patients remember a past life to treat issues that are troubling them in this life. In his most Recent book, Same Soul, Many Bodies, he looks at how our behavior in this life can change the course of our future lives.

So, what is heaven like? It’s a place of love and learning, where souls are working to advance in their spiritual enlightenment. Since the spirit world consists of energy on a higher vibrational frequency than here, spirits and their surroundings are less solid than our physical world and more readily controlled by thought. Much of what’s been created in heaven bears a strong resemblance to life on earth, including beautiful parks, lakes, forests, mountains and a variety of buildings, including pyramids, domes, crystal cathedrals and a vast library, the Akashic Records.

Upon arrival in heaven, souls rejoin other spirits that they’ve known since long before they were born, including loved ones that have already passed over and others that they’ve known and will recognize once they get there.

There are classes and work specialties, like teaching or designing environments. Did you really think you just sat on clouds all the time? There is also fun, joking and recreation, like art, dancing, music and games. Time is spent reviewing what was learned in the last life. Spirits also look at options and prepare for their next life, reincarnating until all their lessons on earth are learned.

As a lighter form of energy, spirits can look any way they choose. I’ve seen spirits that may appear in a way most recognizable to their loved ones, then they may change to a younger, more favored appearance. They may also choose an appearance that best gets their message across, like the wisdom of an indian chief or the protective appearance of a warrior. I’ve also seen spirits that looked like traditional angels (wings and all) and some that looked like cartoon characters, temporarily taking that appearance to remind someone to have fun.

ScienceHeaven_clip_image005Emotionally, souls leave this world shedding much of their hate, anger and jealousy. In heaven, they experience more love, bliss and a feeling of being more alive. That is not to say that spirits are perfect, once they leave this plane. I’ve encountered a few stuck spirits that still have some of the same problems they had on Earth, and there are spirits that like to cause trouble. There are spirits at all levels of advancement, many of which never had a life on Earth. Some of these may have had lives on other planets, or they may have already been advanced before Earth became habitable. There are some that may not yet be ready for the rigors of such a life, or they may be on another spiritual path. Although spirits vary greatly, the vast majority are very kind and good.

Everyone goes to the same heaven, regardless of behavior or religious beliefs. There is no traditional hell. Criminal or bad behavior does have consequences though. The concept of karma does apply, so if you are particularly mean to someone in this life, you may be looking at a dose of your own treatment in the next. If a soul is especially cruel over a number of lives, they may face something harsher, like many years in solitaire. This is not considered a punishment, but a chance to examine their behavior and learn from it. For most souls, the worst that they will face is their own potential disappointment in any shortcomings, when reviewing their life. Most spirits find heaven to be very supportive and forgiving.

Becoming aware of heaven and our spiritual path can help enrich our lives here. Some of the day-to-day issues that we stress over seem less important. Caring for each other, and enjoying life may become more important, while material possessions become less important. Death becomes much less scary. You may feel a greater sense of spiritual connection, knowing that we truly are connected and are learning here together. It’s also nice to know where our dearly departed have gone, and that we will be going to a wonderful place filled with loving spirits that we’ve known for a very long time.


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Psychic Experiences


 Our Spiritual Path: Psychic Experiences

by Curt Remington

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

In the past few years, I’ve had life-changing spiritual or psychic experiences, convincing me to slow down, live more in the present and appreciate the people around me. One of my goals, in developing this website, was to share what I’ve learned with you.
Since a young age, I’ve had occasional psychic experiences. I’d see spirits walk through my room, or I’d dream about something, then have it happen the next day. As you may have experienced, I’d get a phone call, already knowing who’s on the phone or what the other person is about to say. For years, I accepted psychic phenomena, but didn’t give it a lot of thought.

A few years ago, my father passed away, after a painful battle with cancer. When he died, I suddenly sat up in bed, awakened by a vivid dream of a galloping horse. A minute later, my sister called to let me know that dad had just stopped breathing. I realized that the galloping horse represented him, letting me know that he was free of his pain-ridden body. After that, my psychic experiences and fascination with them grew stronger. I started reading lots of books on spiritual and psychic subjects, wanting to know what the spirit world was about, since I’d undoubtedly be there someday. My communication was spotty, but I’d occasionally see spirits and have garbled communication. Wanting to know more, I found Jill Miller, who’s been a psychic and teacher for over 25 years.

Her clairvoyant reading was amazingly accurate about what was going on in my life, and she effortlessly communicated with my dad, filling me in on what he had to say. Impressed by her reading, and already fascinated by spiritual/psychic subjects, I signed up for a class. Now, after more than a year of classes, I’ve recently graduated from her Advanced Clairvoyant Program.

In the course of my classes, and examining issues myself, I’ve seen and spoken to many spirits, performed psychic readings for countless people and have learned a great deal about our purpose here, about heaven and the spirit world. Along with learning, I’ve gained a much broader perspective, seeing us as souls on a long spiritual path, rather than just people with one short life on earth, followed by some sort of heaven that I hadn’t given much thought to. By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope to help others to realize that our lives here are just a brief part of our spiritual existence. The spirit world (heaven) is real, is wonderful and is a lot closer than people realize. By being more aware of our broader spiritual existence, our priorities might change, allowing us to enjoy life more, understand others better and let go of some negativity and blocks to our happiness.

Meditation for Returning Soldiers


Meditation and Healing: Returning Soldiersby Curt Remington

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Thank You For Your Service

This article is for you soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. You’ve endured harsh and stressful conditions, risked your life and spent time away from your families. Some or you have seen the trauma of battle, experienced war related crime, come home seriously wounded or having lost friends. I’m sorry for any loss you’ve suffered, and I thank you for what you have done.
Along with saying thanks, I’d like to share some meditation exercises that may help in dealing with the stress and the transition back to life here. These techniques would benefit anyone and might be especially beneficial to those suffering from depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. This is not intended to be a replacement for professional counseling or therapy, so if you feel that you should have help, please do what you can to get it.

Inspiration for Writing This

ReturningSoldiers_clip_image002I’m a part-time psychic, having taken a clairvoyant training program, performed many readings and received ideas and suggestions from the spirit world. You may want to read my “Psychic Experiences” article. The idea to help returning soldiers first came through a dream. The suggestion to write this article, and some specific techniques, came through helpful spirits, including one of my guardian angels/guides. Why me? First off, because I’m psychic. It would be pretty hard for spirits to give these suggestions to someone that can’t hear them. Second, I have a warrior background, which I learned about performing psychic readings on past lives. Now I do believe in reincarnation. If you don’t, you can still get plenty of benefit out of this articles.

In this life, faulty eyesight resulted in a quick discharge from the navy’s pilot program and a basically peaceful life. In many past lives, I did experience the hardship and trauma of battle, ending my most recent life at Omaha Beach, during during the WW II Normandy Invasion. In other lives I fought in the Civil War, French Revolution, as an indian, three lives in the Roman army, at least one in the Greek, fighting the Mongols during the13th century invasion of Europe and in many others lives that I’m barely aware of. Most of you reading this have undoubtedly spent other lives in battle too. Like me, you’ve probably also spent many peaceful lives farming, baking, fishing, nursing, raising a family, running a business or in countless other occupations.

Broader Spiritual Perspective

By becoming aware of my past lives, I’ve adopted a different perspective that focuses on my whole spiritual existence, not just this one life. In the broader spiritual perspective, I’ve found that horrible experiences seem not quite so intense, when they are a small part of a much bigger picture. A great deal of what we learn on our spiritual path is through hardship, so virtually all souls that are reincarnating on earth have been through some horrible experiences.

In psychically speaking to a murder victim, I better came to understand this. The murder was a number of years earlier, but after hearing the violent details, I expected my encounter with the victim to be emotional and spooky. Upon asking how the murder affected her, she calmly reported that she was upset, just after it happened. Rejoining the spirit world, she came to realize that tragic things happen to everyone, in the course of their lives and learning. As far as I could tell, she had let go of her pain and anger.

Warrior’s Meditation

ReturningSoldiers_clip_image004Meditation can help release your pain, stress, anger or guilt. It can help you relax and can help clear blocks to your health and happiness. Some techniques I’ll describe may be especially beneficial to those that have been through traumatic experiences like combat or witnessing deaths, rape and torture.

Before you start meditating, I suggest reading my “Science and Heaven” article to help make sense of this spiritual and energy stuff. Then please read two articles on meditation. First, one on Grounding, followed by “Running Your Energies.” This may sound like a lot, but they’re all short and fascinating. Yes, I may be biased.

The meditations in those two articles would be beneficial to anyone. The more you practice them, the more sensitive you will become to feeling your own energy flow. While running your energies, try to be aware of any blocks, especially ones related to pain, sorrow or guilt. Imagine energy flow melting those blocks and carrying them down your grounding cord.

Those first exercises may be worth practicing regularly on their own for some time. I suggest doing that, until you get comfortable with reaching a relaxed meditative state, grounding and running your energies. This could take a few weeks or so.

As you feel up to it, you can try adding some more advanced “warrior meditation” techniques. One technique is to take one of your battle memories and see it as if it were in a picture frame in front of you. Connect a grounding cord to the picture, like when you grounded yourself. Let any negative energy drain off and go deep into the ground. This could be the energy from your own grief, fear, guilt or other people’s energy. As much as you comfortably can, look at your worst memories this way, draining the energy from the picture. With less energy, those painful memories won’t be so likely to haunt you.

Another technique you can try is to imagine creating an object in front of you. For some reason, psychics alway seem to use roses. You could probably just as well create a tree, garbage can, phone or you can use your imagination. Once the object’s there, imagine the energy from any negative emotions going from your aura into the object. Once all the energy is there, destroy it. You can just watch the item pop and disappear, you can erase it or you can even blow it up. By doing this, you are actually neutralizing the energy. This is intended as a gentle exercise for releasing negative energy. If you find yourself violently blowing up cars and buildings, please reground yourself, relax and start over.

Spiritual Questions Related to War

You may have spiritual questions related to the war, and things you did there. You may have killed. Maybe you feel that something you did cost a fellow soldier their life. My answers are based on what knowledge I have from books, intuition and my communication with spirits and other psychics. It may be skewed by my opinion, so only believe what rings true for you. You have a right to your opinion too.

Does God, and my spirit guides/angels, still love me?   Yes. They are very caring and forgiving, wanting you to learn from mistakes. Here, and in the spirit world, we tend to be our own harshest judges.

Is killing in war the same thing as murder?   I believe that the spirit world views it differently, depending on the circumstances and the intention. Looking at world history, there has been an enormous amount of killing in the name of war. Many of those warriors have gone on to do wonderful things in that life or in later lives.

Will there be consequences for what I did?   Maybe. There is such a thing as karma, which is viewed as an opportunity to learn from our behavior. If you have been extremely cruel in this life, you may be subjected to similar treatment in the next. Or, you might spend a life as a doctor, or helping people in other ways, to repay battlefield karma. This is part of the learning and growth process for all souls. Maybe writing this article is part of my karma.

Getting On With Life

It will no doubt be a difficult transition, going from the stress of war and active duty to civilian life, with a whole new set of issues. Routines at home have changed. Your children are older and at different place in life. Civilian conversations and situations may seem trivial, unorganized and frustrating. Spouses or partners may have had to move on in making household decisions or new realms of their lives. They may react to situations more independently, and it may be hard to “fit” in and feel like a natural part of your family and friends network and your community at large. Even if you didn’t face combat, the disruption to your life may be enormous. Here are some suggestions, that I hope will help.ReturningSoldiers_clip_image006

  • Talk to other soldiers. Work things out with your unit and buddies. Rely on each other
  • Forgive yourself, if you feel you did something wrong. Holding onto guilt does no one good, and it makes it difficult to move on.
  • Don’t expect to be perfect. No one is. So, if you need help with any problems, do your best to get it.
  • If you’re not in counseling, find someone to talk to, possibly a friend or family member. God and your spirit guides or guardian angels are always caring and ready to listen.
  • Use the meditation exercises to help let go of sorrow, guilt, anger, stress or whatever else you may be experiencing. They may also make you more psychic.
  • Get out and enjoy nature, skiing or snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, fishing or biking. Work on being in the moment, enjoying, and paying attention to, the sights and sounds around you.
  • Like you did in nature, try to stay in the moment at work and with family and friends.
  • Exercise will keep you in shape, release stress and get your energy flowing.
  • Avoid using drugs or alcohol to deal with the pain. They make matters worse in the long run.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading this article. Any comments or experiences you want to post here would be greatly appreciated. You have to sign in, so I can avoid getting spam, but your information is strictly confidential. You don’t even have to use your real name. Feel free to write me directly, if you prefer, at

Basic Energy Healing


by Curt Remington

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Healing With Energy

BasicEnergyHealing_clip_image002If you’ve read “Running Your Energies” and “Meditation & Grounding”, you’ve already learned powerful meditation techniques for healing yourself. Using a similar technique, you can help other people to move energy and release blocks, so they too can heal themselves.

Encourage Meditating

One option is to encourage that person read those articles and practice meditating themselves. I realize there may be a number of reasons this may not work. They may not want to bother. You may not know them very well, but know that they need healing. They may not be in any condition to meditate, or you may just be afraid that they’ll think you’re nuts and not listen anyway. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself. The technique I’m going to describe can be done with them sitting in front of you, or it can be done long distance. Energy doesn’t seem to mind the distance, and I’ve done many readings and healings for people 1800 miles away. I always first ask for permission from them or telepathically from their spiritual/higher self, which is usually much more enlightened and cooperative than their human persona. It is possible that even on a spiritual level, someone doesn’t want to be healed. They may have a karma issue or a lesson that it interferes with. If that’s the case, just leave well enough alone. Maybe you’re not that used to communicating telepathically. To do it, once you’ve meditated, imagine the person and try thinking your question, calmly listening for an answer. If you get a strong sense of “no,” find someone else to heal. The vast majority of people, at least on a spiritual level, are very appreciative of any help.

Performing the Healing

First, I would recommend grounding and running your own energies, as described in the previous articles. If the other person isn’t sitting in front of you, say “hi” telepathically. Tell them what you want to do, and ask for permission. Once you get a go-ahead, picture a mock-up of their body. Like you did for yourself, connect a grounding cord to their first chakra. From that point, you can run through the same steps for them that you followed in “Running Your Energies” or you can simply picture a big ball of healing energy (blue, gold or a color of their choice) over them. Watch it pour blobs of clean energy all over, melting away any blocks or sickness, which flushes down their grounding cord. Replacing that energy with fresh, healthy energy. Run this energy until all of their energy seems clean and healthy. Once you’re finished, you don’t have to shut the energy off. I even suggest to the healee’s higher self that they continue to keep the energy running as long as they want. You can then thank them for the opportunity to practice this. Doing this healing will get your energy flowing and be beneficial to you too. Maybe your healee with thank you at this point, or maybe they’ll just look at you strangely and head for the door. Either way, your healing with do them a great deal of good.



This technique can be very helpful, along with the medical attention someone may need. It may not cure everyone, but there are countless cases of people overcoming an illness through energy healing, willpower and faith. Just look at how great this swan feels now.


The same day I finished this article, we got great news regarding a healing recipient. My wife Mary (a very proficient and well trained energy healer) and I got a call requesting a long-distance healing. The caller’s friend was in a coma and in critical condition, with a severe staph infection, pneumonia, on a ventilator and on full-time dialysis. His prospect for survival was not great. Mary and I performed a reading and healing together, working especially hard at releasing blocks in the damaged areas of his body. Later that day, Mary got a message from the spirit world (voice in her head) that she should keep doing healings every day for a week. She performed them daily, using a similar but more advanced technique. Today, one week later, we got a call saying he just came out of the coma and had his dialysis reduced to three hours a day. His medical treatment undoubtedly had a lot to do with his recovery, as did the prayers of friends and family. We’re confident that her healings also played a large part in his recovery. This was confirmed by one of Mary’s spirit guides.

Grounding Meditation


by Curt Remington

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Benefits of Grounding

GroundingMeditation_clip_image002Meditation and grounding are great techniques for improving your life, helping you to relax, sharpen your focus, improve your health and spiritual connection and to let go of negative energies. If you’re well grounded, you’ll be less likely to be troubled by life’s bumps in the road, and less susceptible to other people’s hysterics, grouchiness or anger. This snowboarder looked very ungrounded, and look what happened to him.

Easy Way to Meditate

There are many ways to meditate, but these exercises are a great starting point. Not only will they help you obtain a more calm, focused state, but they’ll also introduce you to some basic energy work, using your thoughts to control the energy described in my “Science & Heaven” article.

You may be wondering what grounding is, or at least what it has to do with meditating. The grounding I’m talking about is similar to your house’s electrical grounding, a connection to the earth to release stray current. Your personal grounding gives you a strong connection to the earth and an effective way to release negative energies, like anxiety, stress, pain and anger. You can also form a metaphysical grounding for your house, room or office to release such energies.

Releasing Energy

As I mentioned in “Science & Heaven,” energy does respond to thought, and energy in a non-solid form, responds immediately to thought. So, when you imagine a grounding cord, you are actually creating one. The more clearly you can picture it, the better it will work. Your grounding cord could take any of many shapes, like a rope, tree, chain, column of light or maybe a fiber-optic cable. The cord should extend from your first chakra, at the base or your spine, all the way down to the center of the Earth. It will pass through buildings, air, water or whatever, but grounding seems to be strongest when you’re outdoors. Don’t worry about that though, it works anywhere.

GroundingMeditation_clip_image004You can use this simple exercise to put grounding into practice, and it is a form of meditation. Initially, it’s easiest on a chair, in a quiet room, where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure your feet reach the ground, or are on a pillow that does. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Now imagine the grounding cord of your choice, such as a thick fiber-optic cable, extending from the base of your spine straight down to the center of the planet. Imagine what the cable looks like and what the connection feels like. Gravity is drawing any negative energies out of you, clearing your aura, and drawing them down your cord.

If annoying thoughts are popping into your head, they may be part of the energy that you’re releasing. With a fiber-optic cable, as your cord, you can watch the darker energy on its way down, otherwise just sense the energy as it makes its way down. Decide what you want to release, and encourage it to go. If it seems difficult, because you’re trying too hard, let your effort go down the cord too.

The molten heat, at the center of the earth, will change any negative energy back to pure energy, then it can return to its source. So if you’re releasing negative energy from a fight with a friend, don’t feel guilty. The energy will return to them in a neutral form.

Once you’re used to this technique, you can use it anywhere, like work, while walking, at the computer and while driving, to let go of what you’re thinking about that tailgater. Just make sure you’re careful, and don’t go into a trance.

Grounding Your Environment

Notice how content and at peace this well-grounded bighorn sheep looks. Her environment is very well grounded too. Grounding your own environment makes it a safer place to meditate and releases any negative energy out of your room or house. To ground your room, imagine a grounding cord extending from the floor to the center of the earth. Imagine a ball of gold energy expanding from the center of the GroundingMeditation_clip_image006room. Let it grow until it fills the whole room, house or property. The higher vibration gold energy will help move out anything negative.

Not only does this move out negative energy, but bringing up the vibration in the house can have a positive effect on everyone in the house. I use these techniques every night and have found them to be greatly beneficial. I’m almost always cheerful, haven’t had a cold in ages, and I actually get along with my teenage daughters. The gold energy must be effecting them too.

I encourage you to use these techniques. Some people may notice results immediately, while others may take weeks of daily practice. Whether you immediately notice it or not, they will be helping to clear your energy and improve your spiritual connection, so stick with it. If you live in the vicinity of Bellingham, Washington, taking a class through Jill Miller is a great experience, and keeps you practicing. She is great at teaching, managing energy and psychically reading. All of her classes start with basic meditation techniques.I plan to keep writing, so please check back for additional articles covering more advanced techniques, like “running your energies.” Feel free to write with any questions or comments.