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Science and Heaven


Our Spiritual Path: Science & Heaven

by Curt Remington

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

ScienceHeaven_clip_image002Psychic and spiritual experiences are hard for many people to accept. Science, and our perception of reality, has been based on solid matter, made of atoms and molecules. We believe in what we can see, even though visible light is only a narrow band of the many types of energy around us.
Quantum physicists have discovered that solid matter, molecules and atoms, actually consists of much smaller particles (quarks, leptons, etc.), and that these particles are a form of energy. Not only is matter actually made of energy, but this energy/matter fills all the empty space around us. According to the Fermilab’s (part of US Department of Energy) website, astronomer’s have studied how galaxies spin and have calculated that “ordinary matter containing atoms makes up only four percent of the energy-matter content of the universe.” The rest of it is made up of other forms of energy-matter that we still know little about.

Scientists do know that this matter can behave in strange ways. Subatomic particles can be in more than one place at a time. They react to thought, acting like an energy wave most the time and like a particle when observed. In other words, the fact that someone is observing them causes a change in their structure. They seem to communicate instantaneously and are linked on some level beyond space and time. In our four-dimensional world, that would make no sense, but quantum physicists now believe there may be up to 11 dimensions, which they still know little about. Many people are still clinging to a viewpoint based on old science, consisting of a world made of solid matter with lots of empty space in between.

This old perception isn’t working. It can’t explain quantum mechanics, thousand of near-death and out-of-body experiences, miraculous healings, past life regressions, telepathy, mediums and countless other phenomena that people experience. These experiences are explained by a vast field of this mysterious energy that surrounds and connects us all. Heaven (the spirit world) is also made of this energy, on a higher vibrational energy frequency than our physical world.

Although current science can’t accurately describe heaven (the spirit world), there are other sources that can and that describe heaven very similarly, providing validation for each other. These include near-death experiencesout-of-body experiences,spiritual regressions and the work of psychics and mediums. My own experiences, communicating with spirits, talking to other psychics and my out-of-body experiences confirm a heaven very much as described in Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. He is a psychologist and hypnotherapist that developed a technique for allowing people to vividly remember their experiences in heaven between lives and before their current life. Yes, you had a soul before you were born and you’ve probably reincarnated many times. Using this spiritual regression technique with over 7000 clients, he has learned a great deal about heaven and our purpose here.

Michael Newton

As I mentioned earlier, much of Dr. Michael Newton’s work has been studying our Life Between Lives, which is also the name of his most recent book. Another specialist in hypnotherapy, Dr Brian Weiss has done similar work, focusing more on our lives here on Earth, rather than our time between lives. He has used past-life regression to help many patients remember a past life to treat issues that are troubling them in this life. In his most Recent book, Same Soul, Many Bodies, he looks at how our behavior in this life can change the course of our future lives.

So, what is heaven like? It’s a place of love and learning, where souls are working to advance in their spiritual enlightenment. Since the spirit world consists of energy on a higher vibrational frequency than here, spirits and their surroundings are less solid than our physical world and more readily controlled by thought. Much of what’s been created in heaven bears a strong resemblance to life on earth, including beautiful parks, lakes, forests, mountains and a variety of buildings, including pyramids, domes, crystal cathedrals and a vast library, the Akashic Records.

Upon arrival in heaven, souls rejoin other spirits that they’ve known since long before they were born, including loved ones that have already passed over and others that they’ve known and will recognize once they get there.

There are classes and work specialties, like teaching or designing environments. Did you really think you just sat on clouds all the time? There is also fun, joking and recreation, like art, dancing, music and games. Time is spent reviewing what was learned in the last life. Spirits also look at options and prepare for their next life, reincarnating until all their lessons on earth are learned.

As a lighter form of energy, spirits can look any way they choose. I’ve seen spirits that may appear in a way most recognizable to their loved ones, then they may change to a younger, more favored appearance. They may also choose an appearance that best gets their message across, like the wisdom of an indian chief or the protective appearance of a warrior. I’ve also seen spirits that looked like traditional angels (wings and all) and some that looked like cartoon characters, temporarily taking that appearance to remind someone to have fun.

ScienceHeaven_clip_image005Emotionally, souls leave this world shedding much of their hate, anger and jealousy. In heaven, they experience more love, bliss and a feeling of being more alive. That is not to say that spirits are perfect, once they leave this plane. I’ve encountered a few stuck spirits that still have some of the same problems they had on Earth, and there are spirits that like to cause trouble. There are spirits at all levels of advancement, many of which never had a life on Earth. Some of these may have had lives on other planets, or they may have already been advanced before Earth became habitable. There are some that may not yet be ready for the rigors of such a life, or they may be on another spiritual path. Although spirits vary greatly, the vast majority are very kind and good.

Everyone goes to the same heaven, regardless of behavior or religious beliefs. There is no traditional hell. Criminal or bad behavior does have consequences though. The concept of karma does apply, so if you are particularly mean to someone in this life, you may be looking at a dose of your own treatment in the next. If a soul is especially cruel over a number of lives, they may face something harsher, like many years in solitaire. This is not considered a punishment, but a chance to examine their behavior and learn from it. For most souls, the worst that they will face is their own potential disappointment in any shortcomings, when reviewing their life. Most spirits find heaven to be very supportive and forgiving.

Becoming aware of heaven and our spiritual path can help enrich our lives here. Some of the day-to-day issues that we stress over seem less important. Caring for each other, and enjoying life may become more important, while material possessions become less important. Death becomes much less scary. You may feel a greater sense of spiritual connection, knowing that we truly are connected and are learning here together. It’s also nice to know where our dearly departed have gone, and that we will be going to a wonderful place filled with loving spirits that we’ve known for a very long time.


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What is Heaven Like?

A Glimpse Into Heaven

by Curt and Mary Remington

What is heaven like? Where do our loved ones go? Many of us have pondered these questions at some time in our life. My wife and I have learned a great deal about the spirit world, through clairvoyant readings, books we’ve read and through trips to the Akashic Records, the main library in heaven. You read that right, there is an enormous library in heaven that holds records of everyone that has ever lived, every thought, word or action. The famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, got most of his information from the Akashic Records, and many modern clairvoyants access the records regularly.

My wife Mary planned to do some psychic reading and to make a trip to the Akashic Records. She generously asked if I had a question for her to read. After meditating on it, the question, “what is heaven like?” popped into my head. I don’t believe that was a random thought, but rather a well-planned question suggested by an advanced spirit. Angels and advanced spirits would like those of us on earth to become more aware of the spirit world, to help us let go of our fears and to shift our priorities in a more positive direction. These advanced spirits also knew that Mary and I would share this information with you, so Mary was provided with a wonderful tour.

For more information on similar experiences, I’d suggest any of Dr Michael Newton’s books. Through his hypnotherapy techniques, Dr Newton’s helped over 7000 people experience heaven and change their life with what they learned. You can find two of his books on my online store Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.You can also find more information in my Science and Heaven article.

Heavenly Sunset Over the San Juan Islands

Heavenly Sunset Over the San Juan Islands

The following is Mary’s description of her trip:
After reaching a deep state of meditation or trance, my out-of-body trip began. I reached the library which looks like an ancient Greek, marble building with columns in the front and a massive entry. Inside, bookshelves line the aisle and extend a vast distance, to the end. There are offshoot aisles, leading to different rooms. Floating quickly, to the far end of the building, I found a rounded glass atrium filled with exotic trees, plants, flowers, ponds, etc.  I also saw other spirit in the library, doing their own research.  They appeared as lights or energy. I could sense them, and they could sense me. There seemed to be a curiosity about one another. Inside the atrium area, I sat down in front of a small pond to take in the tranquil beauty. Then, I asked my question.  “What is heaven like?”

A beautiful angel with translucent white wings came and offered to escort me on a tour. We entered a place that was very bright, warm and comforting. I couldn’t see much because it was so bright, but other spirits surrounded me and I felt safe and loved. It felt somehow familiar. I then went on to see such things as a sailboat out on the ocean , a canyon, deep and massive like the Grand Canyon, rushing rivers and fields of wild flowers.  Wherever we went, I got a real sense of freedom, peace and love.  There was no judgment, no anger and no resentment, just harmony. It was a place where we all could just be.

Wherever we went, we went quickly, with no effort. We soared through the clouds, overlooking a castle surrounded by wild horses running free and beautiful tropical gardens. I saw giraffes, zebras and spotted leopards. We then flew into space, surrounded by infinite galaxies, stars and planets. From space, I suddenly began to see glimpses of the lives of loved ones back home, like watching them on a TV screen. I got the sense that we really do stay connected to those we left behind after we pass.

Next, the angel showed me some of the things we do while we are in heaven. Students and teachers gathered in a large courtyard with tables and benches. This place of learning seemed similar to school on earth.  I also saw a large auditorium, filled with small individual viewing screens, where many spirits were gathered. One could preview the potential lives they would reincarnate to on the viewing screens.  It seemed that spirits were working together on this, as if they may take a life together or to help one another choose lives where they could work on lessons they may still need to learn.

We also visited a place with pods (large spherical bubbles) that serve as a home base for different soul groups to gather. I asked to be brought to my pod, and when I arrived, I sensed the essence of many people I’ve known in my life.  It felt like I belonged there. I had a strong desire to stay, but of course, this was just a tour, and that was not possible.

The last image I saw was that of an enormous, glowing source of energy, similar to the sun.  I saw a steady stream of spirits, one row on each side, entering the underside of this source of energy and then coming out the top on each side. The source seemed like God, or at least a part of God. I was told that they were getting cleansed, renewed. Impure thoughts were being released, to be replaced with pure love. It was an amazing sight. Describing this trip can’t begin to explain how it felt to be there, witnessing it. What I will say is this, Heaven is vast with no borders that can define it.  It goes beyond what the imagination can comprehend and it certainly is a place I look forward to returning to.

Grieving the Loss of a Parent

Dealing With Loss

by Curt and Mary Remington

The loss of a parent can be traumatic. For the rest of your life, they will not be with you, at least not in body. This can bring up all sorts of feelings. There may be guilt for what you think you should have done. It may bring up fear, as it reminds us of our own mortality, or there may be a sense of aloneness, as there is a void that we feel might not be filled. Of course, there may also be feelings of sorrow and sympathy for the loved one that died. If you have a loved one that died, and you are experiencing these feelings, I’m sorry for your loss. These usually feelings diminish with time.

This article focuses on deceased loved ones and what they are likely to experience, in hopes that will help you with your feelings about their death. Knowing what I know now, I tend to view death as another step in our spiritual journey, rather than as a tragic loss. No matter how you look at it though, the loss of a parent, or someone else you’re close to, is always difficult.

Where Do Deceased Loved Ones Go?

As part-time clairvoyants, my wife and I have communicated with many people/spirits that have crossed over, including our own fathers. Both of them, and plenty of other spirits we’ve dealt with, were happy to be free of their tired, ill or worn out bodies. We also find that most spirits are very happy in heaven, or the spirit world (if you prefer), and they are free of some of the issues that may have troubled them on earth. Their personality doesn’t completely change, so might still be holding on to some negative traits. If all spirits were perfect, our spiritual path would be pretty short. For a description of heaven, please see my Science and Heaven article.

Psychically, we usually ask what they are doing in heaven, and  we have heard quite a variety of answers. Many of them watch over their loved ones, or at least check in on them regularly. They spend time reviewing their life, and then they may move on to heavenly jobs or specialties, like guiding, teaching or helping spirits that are just returning from earth. Spirits also have creative forms of recreation, and they visit with each other. Eventually, they’re likely to opt for another life on earth, to work on more lessons, and to help others with their lessons. This may not be for years.

Dad & Curt

Dad & Curt

Part of the sense of loss we feel is that they are missing from our life. It may seem that way, but it may not truly be the case. Your loved one is already very psychic and can hear you, when you have something to say. By using my meditation exercises, you’ll increase your own psychic receptivity and be better able to hear from them too. With my own father, I’ve had plenty of conversations and dealt with issues that never got resolved while he was alive. In life, our relationship stayed pretty superficial.

When you do have something to say to them, that you never got around to saying, go ahead and say it now. I can assure you that when you think of them, it’s like making a phone call. Whatever you say, or think, is almost certainly going to be heard. You may even hear back from them. They may appear in a dream, or you may get an immediate thought, feeling or a spiritual sign.

Spiritual Signs or Messages

What’s a spiritual sign? For me, a great example happened on the drive home from my rafting trip. After a long day of rafting first, then driving most the day, I came into Seattle quite tired. Along the freeway, I noticed a sign that said to pull to the side, in case of a fender bender. Now that was an actual sign, but it seemed odd that it caught my attention. Those signs are spaced regularly along the freeway. Next, an image of a rear-ending popped in my mind, causing me to become alert. The traffic that had been moving smoothly suddenly halted. I hit my brakes before rear-ending the car in front of me. Then, I thanked the spirit that sent me that sign, or at least made sure that I noticed it.

Actually, I believe that spirit was one of my guides, but deceased loved ones can send similar signs. On another occasion, my radio’s volume suddenly jumped, for a brief part of a song. I noted the significance of the lyrics and sensed the message came from my dad.

A friend of ours asked if we could check in on her father and her father-in-law, both whom had died within the past year. Before her father’s death, she had asked him to send a rainbow to let her know that he’s okay. She now notices a lot more rainbows, not only outdoors but also as the sunlight passes through a window or light shines through an ornament. When my wife Mary did the reading, we learned that our friend’s dad now does work related to creating with energy. As to the rainbows, he commented, “aren’t they great.”

Other signs I’ve heard of include messages through pennies, butterflies or other unusual animal activity. Stay alert to something out of the ordinary. If you sense that it’s a sign from your loved one, you’re probably right.

Stuck Spirit or Ghost

Although the vast majority of spirits have a smooth transition to the spirit world, we’ve found that’s not always the case. When Mary contacted our friend’s father-in-law, he at first seemed confused and then relieved to hear from her. He had been trying to talk to people, but no one would acknowledge him. Mary soon realized that he had been stuck in a ghostly state, not really sure what had happened. Mary assured him that she’d visit him again soon and do what she could to help.

We learned more about his case, finding that he’d suffered from Alzheimer’s and had died in the middle of the night. Alzheimer patients spend a good deal of time out of their body, but at a lower vibration than heavenly spirits. They can also take some of their confusion with them, when they’re out of their body. Apparently, he hadn’t realized his body died, and he was at too low a vibration for advanced spirits to reach and help him. We researched what steps to take in order to help him raise his vibration and move on to a higher plane.

Mary went into a meditative state to contact him and found him anxiously waiting for her. She assured him that everything would be okay and talked to him about his passing. Then, she asked if she could introduce him to some loving spirits that would come to help him. He agreed, and almost immediately, two bright, angelic looking beings descended and whisked him upward. As he left, he said, “you’re a good person,” apparently confident that he was on his way to a better place. The next day, one of his daughters received a psychic message from him, telling her not to worry, that everything was all right. Until then, she hadn’t heard from him.


A number of months later, we spent ten days in Wisconsin, staying with Mary’s own father, Fran, at her parent’s townhome. He also had dementia, spent plenty of time out of his body and had rapidly fading health, due to cancer. Four of us staying there had strange and vivid dreams, like one of mine that involved fighting off bears that turned into criminals.

St Croix River, on MN/WI border

St Croix River, on MN/WI border

Mary’s Father, Fran

I got up and meditated, to learn the cause of this strange dream activity. I found, as I had expected, that Fran’s spirit was out of his body a lot, was very agitated, and was on a lower astral plane (state of vibration). I worked on bringing up his vibration and the vibration level of the townhome, while out low vibration energy. See my article on grounding, if you want to learn how to do this. I also noticed a tunnel and light above us, somewhat off in the distance. I explained to Fran that that’s where he needed to go, once he was ready.

The next day, I worked again at bringing up the vibration and talking to his spirit. Once I explained what I’d been doing, Mary began working with him. She also checked in with one of his spirit guides, comforted him and helped her mother as much as she could. Fran remained surprisingly pleasant, sleeping a lot and enduring visitors questions and interruptions while he waited anxiously for his time to come. After our ten days there, we flew home, having many schedule commitments in Washington. The day after our return home, he died.

Upon learning of his death, Mary’s face flushed and she broke into tears, even knowing his passing was the best thing and that she’d be talking to him again. She booked a flight to return to Wisconsin a few days after we had left. At her mother’s request, she started to work on a eulogy. Part of what she wrote had come to her in a dream, almost a year before. Mary checked in with her father, finding him to be doing quite well. He heartily approved the eulogy adding a few suggestions. You can find it at the end of this page.

Although it’s only been three weeks now, we’ve heard from him a number of times. He let us know that his passing went smoothly, that he is free of any confusion and that he is very happy to be where he is. He also said that the work we did helped him considerably, and that he will be staying in contact.


Fran, Betty & Mary at Picture Lake w/Mt Shuksan in background


Eulogy for Dad

Mary got lots of wonderful compliments on the eulogy and on her delivery of it. It’s a bit long, but here it is:

When I look around this room today, I see so many friends, family and loved ones. I see a lifetime of memories. I see a room filled with love and I’m sure Dad is very touched and humbled by this outpouring of support.

Just like so many other times when we’d gather to celebrate for a birthday, a holiday, an anniversary or just for fun; this too can be time to celebrate; to celebrate Dad’s life and the wonderful spirit that he was and still is.

When asked to deliver a eulogy, I struggled with how to approach it, what to say, how to honor dad who meant so much to so many. How can you sum up in a few minutes, what took a lifetime to create.

I decided that I would talk about a few things that I think made up Dad’s essence, which hopefully will resonate with some or all of you. The word “essence” can have several definitions.

–          An attribute of set of attributes that makes something what it fundamentally is.

–          The predominant qualities of virtues which belong to someone on which they depend for being what they are.

–          Or the essence of a person can be the soul, the spirit and the core of his or her being.

When I think about Dad, the first attribute that comes to my mind is courage. Duing his life, he was faced with life threatening illness more than once. He was diagnosed with cancer, for the first time, in 1982 and again in 1985. He also had heart valve surgery in 1997 and surgery again on his carotid artery in 2005. More recently, of course, was his struggle with dementia and cancer once again. Dad rarely complained and he showed very little fear (at least on the outside). He seldom took pain meds, and he usually had a pretty good  attitude, given the circumstances. He never gave up, and he never lost hope. Up until now, he defied the odds that were against him. His faith and his family always kept him going.

Another attribute would be responsibility. Dad was always very reliable. He took his responsibilities seriously. I remember he was always up at the crack of dawn to go to work at 5:30. He would work all day, arriving back home mid afternoon to start in on whatever the next tasks there were that needed doing, projects around the house, yard work, etc. he would then start dinner and have that well on its way before Mom got home from work. His only down time, that I remember, was a little TV in the evening before bed. Whenever something needed fixing, no matter how long it took, how tedious it was, how much cursing went into it, he did the job. He was very disciplined. He knew what hard work was. He was also very thrifty, a real penny pincher. I rarely remember him farming out work to anyone (except to us kids).

Another attribute would have to be humor. There was always lots of teasing and countless jokes, including practical jokes, at someone else’s expense of course. His sense of humor was like therapy for Dad. He knew how to make people laugh. There was the speaker in the pumpkin on Halloween, sending children screaming and running. During a neighborhood camping trip, he scratched on a neighbor’s tent, earning himself the nickname Franny Bear. And of course, there were his wise cracks on the golf course, as he explained how it should be done. (Curt shortened the jokes for brevity.)

Dad was definitely an outdoorsman. He had a strong connection with nature. He could always identify the different plants and trees. He was like a regular guide when it came to knowing the many species of wildlife. To this day, when I hear birds singing, I think of Dad. He knew birds and could even imitate their sounds. He was a skilled whistler. He spent much of his time hunting, fishing, digging gingseng root and golfing. He was also an artist, and most of his paintings and creations portrayed his love for nature. I always thought that he was most at peace when he was in nature. Even to the very end, sitting outdoors and gazing out at the landscape, going for a drive in the countryside and watching the birds outside the window at the feeder were some of his favorite pastimes.

These are just a few of the many things I could say about Dad. Unfortunately we’d here all day if I were to talk about all of them, but I will say one more thing. Dad was a man of few words, when it came to expressing his feelings, but how he felt was usually written all over his face. If he was able to talk to us all today, I think he’d say something like this:

–          He had a good life and is grateful for everything he had.

–          I think he’d say to all of you that are gathered here and those that could not be here, thank you for  being my friends and for sharing your lives with me.

–          I think he’d say to the church, thank you for keeping me grounded in my faith and for all of your prayers.

–          I think he’d say to his kids, good job. I’m proud of you and I love you.

–          And last, but certainly not least, I think he’d say to Mom, you were my rock through good times and bad. You are my best friend. Words cannot express how much I love you and how grateful I am to have been able to share my life with you.

Over the past few days, when I feel myself feeling sad and needing to have a good cry, I kept hearing the same four words pop into my mind.

Those four words are, “be happy for me.”

It made me feel better. Be happy for Dad. He no longer suffers. He’s no longer in pain. He’s free. Thank you