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Meditation Can Transform Your Life

Remove Stress From Your Life

by Curt Remington


Stressful Lives

Many of us have lives overflowing with responsibilities. We have too much stress and not enough fun. There are bills to pay, meetings to attend, and the demands of bosses, spouses, parents and kids, with little time left for ourselves. Shouldn’t there be more to life? We continue to tough it out, in hopes that life will get better. We often live for the future, hoping life will improve someday, like when we take that long-deserved vacation,  get a promotion, or when we

Chair Overlooking Lake Chelan

Chair Overlooking Lake Chelan


Meditation can bring you peace and joy in the here and now. It’s something you can do every day, and it doesn’t take much of your time.

The information in this report and my upcoming book will help you:

  • To know and appreciate yourself more
  • To be present
  • Learn to relax
  • Improve relationships
  • Bring forgiveness and gratitude
  • Release blocks to health and happiness
  • Release fear, anger & resentment
  • Connect with Nature
  • Communicate with angels and spirit guides
  • Tap into intuition to get answers
  • Review your life and examine its direction
  • Transform Your Life

 Spiritual Connection

You can achieve these life-transforming benefits through meditation, because meditation helps you strengthen your connection with that inner spiritual part of you that is already calmer, wiser and happier, that part of you known as “your higher self.”

Doing this feels great! You’ve undoubtedly experienced this connection at some point in your life. It might have been when you were fully involved in a sport. You might have been playing music, painting or maybe you were on a beach watching a sunset and listening to waves roll into shore.

For many of us, these moments have been in nature, and for good reason. In nature, everything works in cycles and tends to stay in balance. There is a strong interconnection between plants, animals and the topography. Experiencing this rejuvenates your spirit and helps strengthen your bond with all that you’re connected to, the physical world around you, important people in your life and the spiritual world that is silently guiding and supporting you, which includes your higher self.

In nature, we’re more observant of and connected to our surroundings in an expansive way. Our senses open up to the damp smell of the forest, the cool breeze on our skin, the layer of pine needles beneath our feet and the orange and pink clouds of the sunset.

Special Report

The above article is the start of an eight page report on meditation, and how it can transform your life. The entire report is too long to fit in a blog, but it is available, for free. Please sign up for my email list, and an autoresponder will send the link to you.