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Meditations for Clearing Toxins & Energy Debris

Remove Toxins and Bring in Good Energy

by Curt Remington


Dealing with Cancer

Dealing with your own cancer provides a powerful incentive for learning more about energy healing meditations. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, both dealing and learning. Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, with a Gleason Score of seven. At first, this caused a rollercoaster of emotions. My first reaction was shock, since I’m almost always in good health. How could I have cancer? Some fear followed right behind the shock, since the word “cancer” brings up dreadful images, like the condition my dad was in the last day of his life.

A big shift occurred after one of my meditation sessi

Curt & Riva Backpacking

Curt & Riva Backpacking

ons. At the suggestion of a wise spiritual being, I sent loving, positive energy to my prostate including the cancer. This is quite different than my initial reaction of viewing it as a horrible, invasive thing in me. When I finished my meditation, it no longer seemed so frightening or awful, making it much easier to relax. That’s a good thing, because stress causes your immune system to shut down. Now, my focus is on healing and good health.

An illness like cancer can have a number of contributing causes, some physical and some spiritual. On a spiritual level, I’ve (my higher or spiritual self) manifested this as a way to deepen my spirituality and to further develop my healing skills. This seems to be working, in that I have been meditating more, raising my energy vibration to new heights and working with a very advanced group of spiritual beings, learning new healing techniques.

On a physical level, a few issues probably increased my risk for cancer. My dad died of prostate cancer, which is one mark against me (heredity factor), and one I can’t do much about. I’ve also experiences a lot of stress, especially in the years before I started meditating. Carelessly handling chemicals and toxins, during construction and remodeling work, probably didn’t help either.

In learning new healing meditation techniques, I’ve been fortunate to work with inspirational spiritual beings, like Archangel Raphael. He is willing and able to work with anyone that asks, including you. Archangels are capable of doing many things at once, so if you call on him, you won’t be tearing him away from something more important. Archangels are found in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There are also many non-religious people that believe in angels. My belief in angels and archangels is based on my own clairvoyant experiences, as I’ve found them to be very real, powerful and loving beings.

In dealing with cancer, knowing that I have such powerful help has made the whole situation much less frightening. Meditating definitely helps with that too. The purpose of this article is to share with you some meditations for clearing stuck energy and physical toxins that can cause cancer or other ailments. If you already have cancer, these exercises can help, but you’ll need to do more to actually target the cancer cells. I’ll cover meditations for that in future articles.

These techniques work on a quantum energy level, because quantum energy responds to our thoughts or intentions. You can also adapt and utilize these visualization meditations as energy healing techniques for the benefit of someone else, even from a distance. Just visualize their body along with the steps described in the exercises below.

These techniques are not intended to replace medical treatment. They are intended to work with and supplement whatever medical treatment you are receiving. If you are currently healthy, they are a good preventative measure.

Ring of Energy Visualization for Removing Debris

You can do this exercise sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Grounding and Running Your Energies is a wise way to start any meditation. Having a grounding cord is especially important for this exercise, because it gives you a place to release any energy debris. Once you’re in a relaxed meditative state, with a grounding cord in place, visualize a hula-hoop sized ring (one meter across) hovering above your head with a beam of emerald green healing energy extending across the inside of the ring. I usually ask Archangel Raphael to supply this especially powerful energy. Slowly visualize the ring moving down over your head and slowly down your body. See the green energy pushing any of your dark, stuck energy down with the ring. When the ring passes your feet, this dark energy will be pushed out of your body and travel down your grounding cord. You can then let the ring disappear with a pop. Next, let Raphael’s green energy pour down through the top of your head and fill your body with its soothing and healing power. Once you’ve done that, thank Raphael, take a few deep, clearing breaths and finish meditating, or move onto another exercise.

Healing Waves Meditation for Washing Away Toxins

An advanced healing guide suggested this meditation to my wife Mary, for removing toxins from the body that can contribute to cancer. The healing guide briefly mentioned that the ions in saltwater would help carry toxins out. I don’t know enough about chemistry to explain how this works, but I trust him as an excellent source for information.

You can do this visualization meditation sitting or lying down. Once you’re in a relaxed, meditative state, visualize a saltwater wave sweeping over your head and pouring down through you, as if the water could pass right through you. Let it wash through every part of you, and visualize it carrying any toxins with it, until you have the sense that they’ve all been removed. You might see the toxins as little black specks. Once you’re ready, take a few deep, clearing breaths and finish meditating or move onto another exercise.