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Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Totem Animals


Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels & Totem Animals

by Curt Remington

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels

Throughout your lives, and between them, spirit guides and guardian angels are with you, teaching, caring and helping in countless ways.  By becoming aware of them, you can ask for things and they can help you in ways that you wouldn’t have thought of, like providing words of wisdom regarding your important decision.
Some people make a distinction between guardian angels and spirit guides, while others call them all by the same name.  To clarify the difference, I talked to one of my spirit guides and to an angel.  They both confirmed that angels start on a higher plane and have never had a life on Earth, whereas many spirit guides have.  In my psychic work, and in the rest of this article, I just refer to your caring and protective beings as “spirit guides.”

What Do Spirit Guides Look Like?

A guide’s appearance usually is related to their purpose in your life.  There are guides that are protective and may look like a Roman soldier or an ancient Arabian bodyguard.  Some have a spiritual purpose and may look like a monk, nun or wise man.  Many guide’s I’ve encountered had a past life with the person they’re watching over.  They may look like they did in that life.  If they had a number of lives with that person, the guide may choose an appearance that gets the most important message across.

The spirit guide that I communicate with most appears as a Sioux indian, although we had a number of lives together.  His appearance conveys spiritual wisdom, bravery and an appreciation for nature, all characteristics that I value greatly.  In that life, he was my older brother, serving a role similar to his current, one as my spirit guide.

Grizzly Bear, Rachel & Heather

Grizzly Bear, Rachel & Heather

Totem animals are another type of spirit guide whose appearance has an important message.  In performing readings, my experience has been that everyone has at least one totem animal.  People are sometimes subconciously aware, collecting artwork or clothing with their totem animal on it.  That was the case for my daughter (dolphin), my sister (bear) and me (wolf).  I’ve also found that although they look like animals, they can communicate in English, give good advice, and they serve purposes similar to other spirit guides. Steven Farmer has an entire book devoted toPower Animals or totem animals.


I’ve mentioned the main purposes of teaching, protection and, of course, spiritual guidance.  There are also guides that may come into your life to help you learn a musical instrument or sport, remind you to have fun, help you with healing or with a specific project or problem in your life.  Some guides are with you all your life, but special purpose guides may come and go as needed.
Before writing this, I asked my indian guide what else I should include here.  He emphasized that in times of trouble, or when someone feels very alone, their guides are always there, ready to help.  No matter what you’ve done, or didn’t do, your spirit guides are loving and are very kind in any judgment, understanding that you are here on earth learning difficult lessons.  When you’re happy, laughing and having fun your guides are there too.  And of course, they would prefer that you are happy, laughing and having fun.

Contacting Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Communicating with your guides or angels can be easy, following these steps.  First, If you haven’t already done so, please read my meditation and grounding article, then my running your energies article.  Practice these techniques for two weeks, then come back to this spot.  Just kidding about the two weeks!  It would be better if you had lots of meditation practice already, but go ahead and jump right in.  Ground yourself and run your energies, following the steps in those articles.  Once your in a calm, meditative state, with your eyes closed, ask your guide to come, preferably in front of you.  Say “hello” and whatever other introduction seems appropriate.
They will be there.  Relax, and don’t be disappointed if you don’t see or hear them.  They can see and hear you, so ask or say whatever you would like.  You can let them know what you want help with or what you would like to know.  Looking for a response, pay attention to any images or thoughts that come to you.  They can communicate in a variety of ways, sending images, thoughts or feelings.  Sometimes you may just get a sense of knowing what is meant, and sometimes they actually communicate in English.  The more you run your energies and practice this, the better your communication will become.
Developing a closer relationship with your spirit guides is a great experience.  They are here to help us, and they have many times without us realizing it, possibly alerting us before an accident, providing comfort, helping with difficult decisions and a multitude of other ways over the years.  After all this help, I feel that they deserve a great deal of thanks.  Now that I’m more aware of them, I thank my guides regularly.  Gratitude is always appreciated.