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Skiing, Snowboarding or Scuba Meditation

Visualizing Outdoor Activities is a Great Way to Meditate

by Curt Remington

In self-hypnosis, a common deepening exercise is to visualize walking down a flight of stairs. During meditation, you can use this same technique and reach a deeper alpha or theta (trance) state.

Walking down a flight of steps might work well, but skiing down a mountain or diving down to a vibrant coral reef is a lot more fun. Visualizing these activities while you’re meditating will sharpen your visualization skills, deepen your meditative state, and make your experience really enjoyable.

For either of these meditations, find a comfortable, quiet place to sit. Take a few deep, clearing breaths. Close your eyes and relax.

Mt Baker Ski Area, Washingon

Mt Baker Ski Area, Washingon

Skiing or Snowboarding Visualization

For a skiing or snowboarding meditation, I’d visualize rhythmic carved turns through deep, soft powder. Feel yourself gently rising and sinking into the snow, as you make your way down the mountain. See and feel the details around you. Is the sun shining on your face? Is there a cool breeze against your cheeks? Can you smell the freshness of the mountain air?

If you like, visualize coming over a slight rise to find what’s on the other side. As I did this, a rustic cabin came into view. I went inside and found a warm fire and friends drinking hot cocoa.

Scuba Visualization

Tropical Fish at a Coral Reef

Tropical Fish at a Coral Reef

As you may already know, SCUBA stands for self-contained underwater breath apparatus. Since this is a visualization exercise, you don’t need scuba gear to breathe underwater, so leave it at home if you like.

Start your dive in clear, blue water, with depths to explore below. Propel yourself forward and down with smooth, strong kicks. What you find below is up to you. Can you see the bottom, or does it disappear into darkness? You might follow a coral reef with countless fish, or you might follow a gradual sand bottom down. Can you hear any sounds? The song of a whale? The bubbles of your gear, if you brought it? Are there fish? A shipwreck?

Like with the skiing visualization, you might come over a rise to see what comes into view. For me, an underwater city appeared, with glass domes over the dwellings. On my next visualization meditation, I may explore that city.