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Take Time for Healing This Holiday Season

Healing Comes In Many Forms

by Mary Remington

The holidays are said to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” however they can be a real roller coaster ride for many of us.  The emotions that get stirred up can vary from sadness, loneliness, anger and stress, to peace, love, compassion and great joy.  At this time, we often reflect back on the past year, or even further back in our lives.  This can bring up pictures of pain, struggle, relationships (good or bad), accomplishments, joyful events, loss of a loved one, and many others.  It can be difficult to process all of these thoughts and emotions. Many times, we have so much energy wrapped up in these events that we forget what is important.  We forget to stop and smell the roses and to have gratitude for the good in our lives. Hanging on to painful situations from our past can keep us from healing and can prevent us from moving forward in our lives.  It can block us from health, happiness and fulfillment.

Mary, Riva & Mt Shuksan

Mary, Riva & Mt Shuksan

We all need healing, in one way or another.  Healing can come in many forms, whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual.  Physical pain can manifest as a way for the body to tell us to slow down and pay attention to what it needs.  You may need to get more rest, eat healthy, exercise, or avoid drugs, alcohol or smoking.  Whatever the case may be, listening to your body and acting on these messages can be a way to heal the physical self.

Emotional healing can come when we are ready to forgive ourselves and others and release things such as anger, resentment, regret, bitterness, guilt and worry (to name a few).  When we hang on to these feelings, we remain in a holding pattern that can be detrimental to our growth and happiness.

Spiritual healing can take place when we take time to meditate and quiet our mind, to pray, and to connect to the spiritual world around us.  Spending time in nature, listening to beautiful music, or creating something can also be spiritually healing.  As spirit, it is our innate nature to emulate love, kindness and compassion.  It feels really good, and it too can be healing. A kind word, a helping hand, a smile, understanding before judging, a donation, volunteering, giving to those less fortunate.  These acts of kindness come from our soul, and not only do they heal us, but they heal the world around us too. The gift of giving always helps remind us of how rich our own lives really are.

Healing comes in many forms that require us to make choices, choices to stay stuck or to have the courage to move on and grow.  Yes, life can be a roller coaster.  But, it’s the ride that makes us who we are.