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Meditations for Clearing Toxins & Energy Debris

Remove Toxins and Bring in Good Energy

by Curt Remington


Dealing with Cancer

Dealing with your own cancer provides a powerful incentive for learning more about energy healing meditations. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, both dealing and learning. Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, with a Gleason Score of seven. At first, this caused a rollercoaster of emotions. My first reaction was shock, since I’m almost always in good health. How could I have cancer? Some fear followed right behind the shock, since the word “cancer” brings up dreadful images, like the condition my dad was in the last day of his life.

A big shift occurred after one of my meditation sessi

Curt & Riva Backpacking

Curt & Riva Backpacking

ons. At the suggestion of a wise spiritual being, I sent loving, positive energy to my prostate including the cancer. This is quite different than my initial reaction of viewing it as a horrible, invasive thing in me. When I finished my meditation, it no longer seemed so frightening or awful, making it much easier to relax. That’s a good thing, because stress causes your immune system to shut down. Now, my focus is on healing and good health.

An illness like cancer can have a number of contributing causes, some physical and some spiritual. On a spiritual level, I’ve (my higher or spiritual self) manifested this as a way to deepen my spirituality and to further develop my healing skills. This seems to be working, in that I have been meditating more, raising my energy vibration to new heights and working with a very advanced group of spiritual beings, learning new healing techniques.

On a physical level, a few issues probably increased my risk for cancer. My dad died of prostate cancer, which is one mark against me (heredity factor), and one I can’t do much about. I’ve also experiences a lot of stress, especially in the years before I started meditating. Carelessly handling chemicals and toxins, during construction and remodeling work, probably didn’t help either.

In learning new healing meditation techniques, I’ve been fortunate to work with inspirational spiritual beings, like Archangel Raphael. He is willing and able to work with anyone that asks, including you. Archangels are capable of doing many things at once, so if you call on him, you won’t be tearing him away from something more important. Archangels are found in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There are also many non-religious people that believe in angels. My belief in angels and archangels is based on my own clairvoyant experiences, as I’ve found them to be very real, powerful and loving beings.

In dealing with cancer, knowing that I have such powerful help has made the whole situation much less frightening. Meditating definitely helps with that too. The purpose of this article is to share with you some meditations for clearing stuck energy and physical toxins that can cause cancer or other ailments. If you already have cancer, these exercises can help, but you’ll need to do more to actually target the cancer cells. I’ll cover meditations for that in future articles.

These techniques work on a quantum energy level, because quantum energy responds to our thoughts or intentions. You can also adapt and utilize these visualization meditations as energy healing techniques for the benefit of someone else, even from a distance. Just visualize their body along with the steps described in the exercises below.

These techniques are not intended to replace medical treatment. They are intended to work with and supplement whatever medical treatment you are receiving. If you are currently healthy, they are a good preventative measure.

Ring of Energy Visualization for Removing Debris

You can do this exercise sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Grounding and Running Your Energies is a wise way to start any meditation. Having a grounding cord is especially important for this exercise, because it gives you a place to release any energy debris. Once you’re in a relaxed meditative state, with a grounding cord in place, visualize a hula-hoop sized ring (one meter across) hovering above your head with a beam of emerald green healing energy extending across the inside of the ring. I usually ask Archangel Raphael to supply this especially powerful energy. Slowly visualize the ring moving down over your head and slowly down your body. See the green energy pushing any of your dark, stuck energy down with the ring. When the ring passes your feet, this dark energy will be pushed out of your body and travel down your grounding cord. You can then let the ring disappear with a pop. Next, let Raphael’s green energy pour down through the top of your head and fill your body with its soothing and healing power. Once you’ve done that, thank Raphael, take a few deep, clearing breaths and finish meditating, or move onto another exercise.

Healing Waves Meditation for Washing Away Toxins

An advanced healing guide suggested this meditation to my wife Mary, for removing toxins from the body that can contribute to cancer. The healing guide briefly mentioned that the ions in saltwater would help carry toxins out. I don’t know enough about chemistry to explain how this works, but I trust him as an excellent source for information.

You can do this visualization meditation sitting or lying down. Once you’re in a relaxed, meditative state, visualize a saltwater wave sweeping over your head and pouring down through you, as if the water could pass right through you. Let it wash through every part of you, and visualize it carrying any toxins with it, until you have the sense that they’ve all been removed. You might see the toxins as little black specks. Once you’re ready, take a few deep, clearing breaths and finish meditating or move onto another exercise.

Simple Meditation

Simple Meditation: A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life

by Curt Remington


Simple Meditation- front cover
Simple Meditation- front cover

 Have you ever felt as if there should be more to life? A deeper meaning or greater purpose? Less stress? More happiness? Maybe more of a spiritual connection?

I’ll bet you’ve even had moments when you experienced this spiritual connection, times when you were fully involved in what you were doing, blissfully happy and thinking of nothing else. Maybe you were sitting on a beach listening to waves roll into shore. Or you may have been in the mountains, gazing in awe at a spectacular view. Maybe you were looking into a crib, watching your baby sleep.

Wherever you were, it was a moment when your thoughts got out of the way, so you could experience that deeper, inner part of you, the spiritual part that is naturally calmer, wiser, and happier, the part that understands all things are connected.

In the pages of this book, you’ll find the information and tools you need to experience more of that spiritual part of you, the part that can let thoughts go and be fully in the present.

Tuning into the details of nature is a wonderful way to let go of other thoughts and to start meditating. You could sit calmly in the woods, listening to the birds sing or the wind blow through the trees. Spending this time in nature puts you in a healthy environment, connected to the energy of a beautiful place.

Such escapes to nature kept me sane during the 1990s, while I worked seventy-hour weeks running a real estate appraisal business. Eventually, I started to learn and develop meditation techniques that went even further than connecting with nature, and I could do them without leaving the comfort of home.

Although we spend our days rooted in the physical world that we can see, we are part of a vast field of quantum energy that we can’t see. The chapter on spiritual connections provides insight into those unseen, heavenly aspects of our universe that affect our lives every day. By understanding and working with the spiritual realm, we can improve the quality of our lives on earth.

Many of the exercises in the following chapters use the power of visualization to tap into this unseen energy, using it to access information or to release blocks to your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. One of the easiest ways to release these blocks is through an exercise that runs more energy through your system, keeping it clean like a mountain stream.Relationships are a key factor in the quality of our lives. Meditation can help you let go of anger, resentment, and fear, blocks to great relationships. Not only will this improve your relationships, but improving those relationships will make it much easier to meditate.

Chapter 9, on walkabouts and vision quests, suggests a trip into nature to tie this all together. Your trip doesn’t have to be a rugged wilderness outing. It could simply be a weekend dedicated to following some simple steps to connect with nature, meditate, review your life, and use the tools you’ll learn in this book to examine your life’s purpose. It can be a powerful and life-changing experience.

Throughout this book, I will also share some of my own experiences in my quest to find my purpose in life. I have not always been an avid meditator, at least not officially. Much of what held me back was a set of preconceived notions about meditation―what it is and what it isn’t. If I’d understood the vast variety of techniques, the benefits, and the bliss of meditating, I would have started much sooner.

The exercises in this book are so simple and effective that you will start seeing results quickly, even if you’ve avoided formal meditation until now. Don’t wait any longer. As you read this book, take the time to try the meditation exercises that you’ll find throughout the chapters.

Welcome to an important next step on your spiritual journey.

Simple Meditation- back cover
Simple Meditation- back cover

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

 1 – The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How 15

Very Simple Meditation Exercise 16

 2 – Connecting with Nature 25

Tune into Nature Meditation 33

Nature Photo Visualization Meditation 34

 3 – Spiritual Connections 41

Relaxation Exercise 50

•     Past Life Meditation 51

 4 – We’re Connected to One Another Too 67

Connected to Others Meditation 75

Cooling-Down Visualization Meditation 81

Releasing Perfect Pictures 85

Improving Relationships Meditation  89

 5 – Grounding and Neutrality 91

Grounding Meditation 97

Grounding Your Environment 98

Staying Neutral Exercise 100

  6 – Running Your Energies 105

Exercise for Running Your Energies 107

Reading and Releasing Energies 109

Powerful Being of Light Visualization 111

 7 – Energy Healing 115

Performing the Healing 117

Simplified Healing 118

Healing Visualizations 120

 8 – Getting Answers 127

Connecting with Your Higher Self 129

Contacting Spirit Guides 131

Reading & Releasing Energy with a Rose 134

 9 – Walkabout or Vision Quest 141

Inspirational Venturing Out Exercise 145

Finding Your Path Meditation 151

10 – Transform Your Life 165

        Transform Your Life Meditation 169

Bibliography 175

Index 179

About the Author 185

Praise for Simple Meditation

“Curt Remington has written an inspiring book that goes far beyond the joyous benefits of meditation alone. Simple Meditation: A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life will assist you in experiencing the direct divine connection that is your birthright—right here, right now—within your everyday reality. The insights offered in this beautiful and transformative book will propel you onward and upward on your path!” ~Annie Burnside, author of Soul to Soul Parenting


“Curt, your nature photography is absolutely stunning and your meditations simply wonderful. How lovely that you have combined all of this beauty with your personal journey and translated it into book form to help others. You are a gift to the world. I cannot wait for your new book to come out. Wishing you and your readers so much love, peace, joy, beauty and Spirit all around. Namaste.” ~Lori Boatman, author of  Reannce and the Fifth Dimension


“Brilliant insights about blending the spiritual practices of life with heart, nature and the sciences. Provides matter of fact, simple steps to improve you health and happiness. Awesome!” ~Joy Gilfelen, president of Uniting Creatives and producer of Flipping the Joy Switch dvd


“You are an excellent writer, the best I’ve had all year. It was a great pleasure to work on your manuscript.” ~Arlene Prunkl, PenUltimate Editorial Services

“Through meditation, you can learn to think more clearly, work more efficiently and let go of stress. Whatever form your practice takes, let it be a part of your daily life. It is time well spent and the rewards are limitless.” ~Dawn Groves, author of Meditation for Busy People


“As Curt describes in this book, a vision quest trip can be a life-changing experience.” ~Darcy Ottey, executive director of  Rite of Passage Journeys

Simple Meditation is now available through your local bookstore or online at a variety of sources, including Meditation Resources,  and Amazon. It is also available as a Kindle eBook for Kindle, iPad, Blackberry or your computer.

Meditation Can Transform Your Life

Remove Stress From Your Life

by Curt Remington


Stressful Lives

Many of us have lives overflowing with responsibilities. We have too much stress and not enough fun. There are bills to pay, meetings to attend, and the demands of bosses, spouses, parents and kids, with little time left for ourselves. Shouldn’t there be more to life? We continue to tough it out, in hopes that life will get better. We often live for the future, hoping life will improve someday, like when we take that long-deserved vacation,  get a promotion, or when we

Chair Overlooking Lake Chelan

Chair Overlooking Lake Chelan


Meditation can bring you peace and joy in the here and now. It’s something you can do every day, and it doesn’t take much of your time.

The information in this report and my upcoming book will help you:

  • To know and appreciate yourself more
  • To be present
  • Learn to relax
  • Improve relationships
  • Bring forgiveness and gratitude
  • Release blocks to health and happiness
  • Release fear, anger & resentment
  • Connect with Nature
  • Communicate with angels and spirit guides
  • Tap into intuition to get answers
  • Review your life and examine its direction
  • Transform Your Life

 Spiritual Connection

You can achieve these life-transforming benefits through meditation, because meditation helps you strengthen your connection with that inner spiritual part of you that is already calmer, wiser and happier, that part of you known as “your higher self.”

Doing this feels great! You’ve undoubtedly experienced this connection at some point in your life. It might have been when you were fully involved in a sport. You might have been playing music, painting or maybe you were on a beach watching a sunset and listening to waves roll into shore.

For many of us, these moments have been in nature, and for good reason. In nature, everything works in cycles and tends to stay in balance. There is a strong interconnection between plants, animals and the topography. Experiencing this rejuvenates your spirit and helps strengthen your bond with all that you’re connected to, the physical world around you, important people in your life and the spiritual world that is silently guiding and supporting you, which includes your higher self.

In nature, we’re more observant of and connected to our surroundings in an expansive way. Our senses open up to the damp smell of the forest, the cool breeze on our skin, the layer of pine needles beneath our feet and the orange and pink clouds of the sunset.

Special Report

The above article is the start of an eight page report on meditation, and how it can transform your life. The entire report is too long to fit in a blog, but it is available, for free. Please sign up for my email list, and an autoresponder will send the link to you.

Surviving the Salmon River

Rafting the Salmon River, Idaho

by Curt Remington

A blinding flash filled the sky, lighting the inside of our tent. A loud crack followed, and thunder rocked the canyon. My daughter Heather muffled a scream. The flashes came so close together you’d think it was light out, if not

Curt & Mary just finished packing the raft

Curt & Mary just finished packing the raft

for the intense darkness between the flashes. I stared out the screen window, in case a bear would be so foolish as to venture out in this storm. Nothing seemed to be there, so I laid back down next to my wife Mary and thought about how easy our day must have been compared to my lives in the ancient Roman and Greek armies. Now that must have been tough, marching around with all that armor, fierce battles, bloody wounds, supply shortages and tents without floors. Just imagine all the insect bites.

Big snake slithering through camp

Big snake slithering through camp


In contrast, the first day of our Salmon River rafting trip hadn’t been so bad. For my teenage daughter Heather, the excitement may have started at the Hammer Creek boat launch, where her arachnophobic “spider spotting eyes” noticed a black widow on a nearby rock. Or maybe for her, the adventure started the night before, when we arrived at a run-down motel in the middle of the night, reminding her of the “Psycho,” or the many other horror movies she’s watched. She even got to stand guard, in the fold-out bed next to the front door.

What did we get ourselves into?


Our day’s adventures also included sunny 100° heat, challenging whitewater, a broken flashlight, another big spider on our tent and a large snake that made it’s way through our camp as darkness approached. We were camped in rattlesnake country, however I believe that one was a Bullsnake. They look similar to me. This was also bear and mountain lion country, as if the spiders and snakes weren’t enough. Probably the worst hardship of the day was climbing into the tent exhausted and feeling like you’ve stepped into an oven. That 100 ̊ heat soaked into the sand all day, and our tent just held it in and radiated it back at us. Besides all that, I was sore from rowing all day.

Sunset Over Camp

Sunset Over Camp – Did I see a spider under that bush?


These potential dangers reminded me of how vulnerable humans are, and yet how much we can really endure. I reached over my wife, patted my daughter’s shoulder and told her that everything would be fine. The storm would be over soon. At that moment, my wife and daughter were both probably wondering why they let me talk them into this torturous trip. In my Rafting the Snake River story, I mentioned the pile of rafting gear that sat in the garage for years, due to my inability to convince my family to go on such trips. Here they were, finally facing the challenge, and how are they rewarded? Spiders, snakes, heat and a thunderstorm. Good luck getting them to go again.

Soon enough, the storm ended, and the temperature cooled down to tolerable sleeping weather.

Making our way down river

Making our way down river


The next morning, we packed our wet sandy gear in a disorganized fashion, as items had been thrown into the nearest bag available, when the rain started. With everything packed into dry bags and strapped into place, we set off down the river to continue our 72-mile whitewater adventure.

In the morning, we set off down a dim and mysterious Cougar  Canyon, where big gurgling whirlpools and swirls would suddenly form. Did I mention the giant White Sturgeon in the Salmon River, which can grow over 100 years old and reach 20 feet in length. It was easy to imagine them lurking under the swirling water of the canyon.

A Big Whitewater Hole

A Big Whitewater Hole


Along with beautiful white sand beach campsites and giant Sturgeon, the Lower Salmon River has steep canyons, thrilling rapids and calm-water stretches in-between. In the rapids, much of the goal is to avoid hitting big boulders and holes. For you non-river people, a hole (hydraulic) is created when water pours over a rock ledge and flows back at the surface, causing that frothing white turbulence. A big hole can grab hold of a raft, turn it sideways, and flip it over, as water piles down on one side while lifting up the other side. A large enough hole can also hold onto rafts and people, churning them like a washing machine. This was something we didn’t care to experience, so we diligently practiced our maneuvering skills.

Punching through a wave

Punching through a wave


Our hardest whitewater that morning goes by the name “Half and Half Rapids.” The river map warns, “So called because half the time you make it. …big holes to avoid and maneuvering is required.” We dropped down a ledge and pushed through a small hole. Quickly, we pulled hard to the left to miss a car-sized boulder and a huge hole to the right. From there, we had a bouncy ride down a string of waves.

Snow Hole Rapids

Snow Hole Rapids- Yes, There’s a raft under them.


Three rapids later, we came to Snow Hole Rapids, a major class IV drop. Lucky for us, another group  was there to scout the rapids when we arrived. We watched, as each of them hit a car-sized boulder sideways, plummeted down a drop and made their way between enormous boulders and holes, riding through rollercoaster waves.

We followed right behind, hitting a pillow of water at the top boulder. It straightened us out as we plunged down the drop. We hit some big waves and soon reached the bottom of Snow Hole, wet but safe.

Maloney Creek Camp

Maloney Creek Camp


That night, we camped five miles into Snow Hole Canyon, at Maloney Creek. At this camp, I suggested setting up our kitchen near the river, rather than hauling all of our gear and cooler all the way up the sand dune. It saved a lot of work, kept our tent from smelling like bear bait and avoided the blowing sand that seemed to get through our tent screens.

I panned for gold, and had no luck, while Mary fished. She  caught two fish with her first three casts. After one more fish, her luck slowed down. Our tent still felt hot, but the situation didn’t remind me of life in the Roman Army, that night. It seemed much more survivable.

Packing the raft went much smoother, the next day. We found ourselves working well as a team, both in camp and in the rapids. We made a smooth run down China Rapids, a tough class III, and plowed into a big wave/hole in Eagle Creek Rapids.

Salmon River Gravel Bar

Salmon River Gravel Bar


A large gravel bar beckoned me, as a place to look for garnets or gems. Idaho’s nickname is the gem state after all. While I wondered in one direction, looking for agates or garnets, Heather grabbed the fishing rod and proceeded to cast. She soon had a nice sized smallmouth bass.

In the meantime, Mary used her psychic abilities to ask a spirit guide for help locating a nugget of gold. He told her to follow the shore downstream for twelve feet. His next instruction was to go inland for eight feet. Mary reached that point and looked around, asking “now what?” His final instruction was “down fifty feet.” Ha ha! Yes, spirit guides do have a sense of humor. He probably was telling the truth too. In studying prospecting, that’s just where I’d expect gold to be, at the bottom of the pile where you can’t reach it.

As we made our way down the river that afternoon, we found the nice campsites occupied by large parties of rafters. Kerry, the friend I’d rafted the Snake River with, had recommended a camp near the entrance to Blue Canyon. I really hoped to get that camp, but our chance of finding it available seemed dim. As the river narrowed, we stayed close to the cliffs on the right side of the canyon and hit a small eddy, at the bottom of a white sand beach. What a beautiful spot, and no one was there. A small alcove in the cliff made a great kitchen, with another alcove for sitting.

Comfortable Camping

Comfortable Camping


That afternoon, we swam in the eddy, watched the changing light on the nearby peaks and had a delicious dinner of bass, brats and veggies. Mary and Heather laughed and screamed, running from a butterfly that followed them relentlessly. Later, we watched the changing light in the canyon and surrounding peaks, while listening to the steady sound of the rapids. For the first time, we got out our fire pan and built a small fire, sitting in one of the cliff’s alcoves. It crossed my mind, that I could almost live in that campsite.

Had conditions on the river changed that much? Or had we adapted? Our kitchen gear now sat next to the raft, and we knew where everything belonged. The tent sat pitched away from rock piles which hold the spiders and snakes. All of our gear was ready, in case of a sudden storm. Maybe the biggest change was that we’d already faced plenty of challenges on the river. We had found that we can survive, and had a great deal of fun in the process.

The final day, we worked as a team, rowing and paddling through at least 15 sets of rapids, covering 25 miles of river, with 20 of it on the Snake River. Long stretches of the Snake River were calm, with a stiff headwind. Rowing into a headwind makes a raft feel like a big, oddly shaped balloon. In other words, it’s not that much fun. We pushed on, mile after mile, with barely a complaint from anyone, taking in the scenery and enjoying the occasional rapids with some eight foot waves. We reached the takeout around five pm and loaded our gear into our truck.

It was a long hard day, once again reminding me of marching in armor, in the Roman army. But by the end of the trip, we were tougher and more up to the challenge, having learned that we can survive major rapids, spiders, snakes, thunderstorms, miles of rowing and more. Not only that, but by facing these challenges, we gained strength and confidence in our abilities. We also saw some beautiful scenery and share some wonderful time together. Maybe life in the Roman army wasn’t so bad after all.

View across from our final Salmon River camp

View across from our final Salmon River camp


Powerful Being of Light Visualization Meditation

 You are an eternal and powerful spiritual being. You’ve also undoubtedly endured some very difficult lives and may have been part of the Roman or Greek armies. Through life’s challenges and difficulties, we experience our greatest growth. Yet in our current life, many of us surround ourselves with modern conveniences and tend to stay well within our comfort zones, missing out on a lot of wonderful experiences. Many of us stay in a small comfort zone because we lack the confidence to push our limits.

This meditation exercise will strenghthen your sense of true inner power, providing the confidence to venture out and explore your growth zone. With this confidence, you may wish to try new things, like camping, signing up for a class or joining a new group. For me, Toastmasters and public speaking required a big push beyond my usual comfort zone.

Grounding and running your energies are an important part of this exercise and are very powerful meditation techniques that you can use every day. If you’re not familar with these exercises, please take the time to read them.

Once you’re comfortably seated, with your eyes closed and your energy running, visualize yourself as an entity of light. This is your true spiritual state. As more bright light pours in through the top of your head, feel it expand your strength and power. You might visualize yourself becoming bigger or brighter. Know and understand that as a spirit, you are eternal and powerful, capable of manifesting great things. Feel this strength continue to grow. When you finish your meditation, carry this strength with you, as you try new things and face life’s many challenges.


Although your spirit is eternal, your physical body is not. If you do not have whitewater experience, please raft with someone that does or sign up with a competent rafting outfitter. Although my family and I had not done a multi-day rafting trip together before this, I did have extensive whitewater experience. Mary and Heather had been on numerous whitewater daytrips and many camping trips.

River Swimming Visualization Meditation

Maneuvering Through the Obstacles of Life

by Curt Remington

Like swimming boulder-filled rapids, life can be tough! A whitewater safety course taught me some important lessons, ones that apply to swimming rapids and to making our way through life. Now you may wonder why someone would want to swim in a whitewater river. Sane people don’t really want to, but it sometimes happens, when your kayak or raft flips over. Most of us would rather avoid many of life’s difficulties too, but some are unavoidable lessons that we need to deal with the best that we can. Learning to swim in life’s turbulent waters can help immensely. If you are constantly struggling, just to keep your head above water, it can be hard to get to where you want to go. As Paul Coelho said, “you drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.”

Curt kayaking a river

Curt kayaking a river

There are four ways to swim a river:

  1. Look downstream in terror, then thrash around, maybe even trying to swim upstream to get away from all those scary boulders you’re being hurled towards. This technique will exhaust you in a hurry and certainly won’t help you reach safety or happiness. People that go through life this way probably haven’t chosen a practical course of action and may go from one emergency to another.
  2. Float downstream without a care, and get swept under a big submerged tree (strainer) or bashed into boulders. This can result in injury or drowning and is usually a bad idea. You can usually find this type of swimmer at home, laying on the couch. This is a relaxing way to go through life, but you can’t get much done from the couch. It may make it hard to pay the bills or to accomplish great things.
  3. Decide on a logical destination, then swim frantically downstream to get there as fast as possible. I often use this technique in life, and it is not the best idea. It uses a lot of energy and can leave you feeling stressed out and tired.
  4. The swimming technique that works best in a river, and in life, is to pick a logical course that takes advantage of the river’s currents and eddies (watch for opportunities). Commit to your chosen path, then let the river do a lot of the work for you. When it’s appropriate, swim some powerful, efficient strokes and arrive at your destination safely and happily, often more quickly than the person who used technique number three. You might still bump against a boulder or two along the way, but that’s part of swimming a whitewater river, and of life.
Snake River, Idaho

Snake River, Idaho

How do we swim more like Number Four?

  • When an opportunity comes along that will bring more fulfillment into your life, face any fears and take action. This could mean changing careers, starting a business, furthering your education or initiating a new relationship.
  • Make a plan and work towards that plan. This one might seem obvious, but an awful lot of people seem to wander through life with no direction. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.
  • Remember that some of life’s hardships (boulders) are opportunities to learn. No matter what we do, life won’t be perfect. Instead of focusing on the hardships, focus on what’s positive in life. The law of attraction says that we attract more of what we focus our attention on.
  • When you’re moving along with the current, go ahead and float a while. Too much effort causes stress, and it can actually be a block to creativity and accessing psychic abilities.
  • Have fun! Be sure that you take the time to do things you really enjoy doing.
  • Meditate! It gives your mind and body a chance to relax, to be in the present, so you can go with the flow and not be thrown off by the hazards we all tend to come across along the way. Through meditation, you can also access your intuition and psychic abilities, so as to better recognize good opportunities. Meditation helps us connect with our higher self, that wiser spiritual part of us that already knows the best way to do things.

My inspiration for this article came to me as a psychic (clairvoyant) image, while I was meditating, looking for a new visualization exercise. It came as a message that I need to quit swimming like number three, inefficiently racing downstream with too many projects going at once. What came to me is described below, as a meditation that you can try at home.

MacDonald Creek, Glacier Park, Montana

MacDonald Creek, Glacier Park, Montana

River Visualization Meditation

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes. It’s always helpful to start with grounding and running your energies. Once you’re relaxed and ready, imagine a clear, clean river flowing in front of you. Raging whitewater doesn’t sound very relaxing, so I recommend that you imagine a gentler river with soothing currents to carry you downstream. Most of the way, you can float on your back.

If there are obstacles ahead of you? What do they represent? Let go of any fear, and take a few smooth strokes to get around them. Observe all of the detail. What does the shoreline look like? Is it lined with boulders, canyon walls or sand? Are there buildings or wildlife? Where would you like the river to take you? Go ahead and visualize the destination you’d like to get to. Float as long as you’d like, swimming occasionally to stay on course. Once you’re ready, gently finish your meditation or imagine climbing out at your destination to end your river trip.


Love (Heart Chakra) Meditation

Focusing on the Heart Chakra

by Curt Remington

Feeling love, activating your heart chakra, is a wonderful way to improve relationships and experience more joy and happiness. This is very beneficial for the people around you too.

Heart Chakra Meditation

Curt & Mary Remington in Mountains

Once you’ve reached your quiet and comfortable place, take a few deep breaths and relax.  With your thoughts quieted, visualize a very important person in your life.  This could be a spouse or sweetheart, child, parent or close friend.  Holding their image, contemplate one or two traits that are unique and positive about them.  Maybe they’re very generous, creative, funny or loving.  If positive characteristics are not coming up, remember that person is only human and move through their traits until you find a positive one.  Everyone has some.  As you’re contemplating that trait, feel your fondness for that person.  The feeling is probably coming from the area of your heart or fourth chakra.  After feeling the warmth for that person, find someone else important in your life and do the same thing.


 As you move from person to person, sense a growing golden glow radiating from your heart, like sunshine.  Let the rays of this warmth shine for as long as you like, touching the important people in your life.  If you want, you can then expand it farther so it reaches others, that you don’t know, like everyone in your neighborhood, town or even expand it to the world.  If everyone did this, we could make the world a brighter, more loving place.  When you’re done, take a few more deep breaths and realize that you can continue to radiate some of that caring light as you go on about your day.