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Body of Light Beach Visualization Meditation

Bliss at the Beach (Without the Beach)

by Curt Remington

With this visualization, you can briefly experience your natural heavenly state, as a higher vibration being of light. This will help renew your energy and release blocks to your health and happiness. As summer comes to an end, this visualization is a great way to continue experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of a warm day at the beach, and you don’t need to worry about sunburn.

Trunk Bay, San Juan, USVI

Trunk Bay, St John, USVI

This meditation originally came to me while I was in the San Juan Islands, for three days of relaxing and writing. The exercise got squeezed into the middle of that trip report, where it probably went unnoticed. Here it is now, in the meditation section where it belongs.

Meditation Exercise

Once you’re seated comfortably, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Grounding and running your energies is always a great first step. Then, briefly tense and relax each part of your body, starting with your face and neck, working down your shoulders, back and all the way to your feet.  Once you’re fully relaxed, with your eyes closed, imagine getting up and stepping onto a white sand beach.  The sea is aqua-blue and gentle waves are lapping at the shoreline.  As you step forward, visualize soothing bright light from the sun and sky soaking in, especially through the top of your head. This healing light causes the denser energy of your troubles and cares to flake off and fall away.  Soon what’s left is the shape of your body, made of light. With each step you become lighter and more filled with energy, able to run and jump effortlessly on the beach, feeling the soothing power and purity of this place. 
If you want, dive into the water and swim, enjoying its cooler healing effects.  After swimming, as long as you’d like, walk back out to a marble bench on the beach and watch the golden sunset as you dry in the sun.  Once you’re ready, either gently end your meditation or imagine your body of light walking back across the beach and stepping back into your more solid body that’s sitting comfortably meditating.

 I hope that you’ll feel lighter and healthier than you did before.